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Kalamazoo Airport (AZO) Parking Guide

The most likely starting point for flights departing from Kalamazoo or Battle Creek is Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport (AZO). Even though it isn't the biggest airport in Michigan, AZO may get crowded during the busiest times of the year, so it's vital to make parking arrangements in advance. Our ultimate parking guide gives you all the details you need to know about parking areas, prices, and whether or not off-site parking could be a better fit for you! We'll provide you with a piece of advice on how to travel through the airport without problems, as well as all the key information about the airport's long-term parking options, enabling you to take off with confidence and travel without fear. So let's not waste time anymore and get to the point right now!

About Kalamazoo Airport

The AZO Airport is located around five miles west of Battle Creek and 20 miles from Kalamazoo. The air hub, which covers an area of around 832 acres, has three asphalt runways and a two-level terminal. Nearly 300,000 people use the airport each year. Currently, American Eagle, United Express, and Delta Connection are the airlines that fly out of Kalamazoo Airport. Detroit, Chicago-O'Hare, and Minneapolis-Saint Paul are the busiest domestic routes at the airport. The famed Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum, sometimes referred to as the "Air Zoo," is located right here. The baggage claim area, check-in desks, and ground transportation options are all located on the terminal's first level. Gates, a waiting room, a business center, a café, and gift stores can all be found on the second floor.

Getting to Kalamazoo Airport

Public transit, driving, taxi/ride-sharing services, and other methods can all be used to get to the airport from Kalamazoo. Driving is a practical option as it just takes a few minutes to get to the airport from the city, which is only a short distance away. Take Portage Street if you want to get to the airport fast, but be sure to reserve a parking space in advance. Also, it's critical to be mindful of potential traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours or on holidays.

Public transportation

If you'd rather use public transportation, the Kalamazoo Metro Transit provides bus service between Kalamazoo and the airport. The travel time on the Line 12 bus from Rose & Cedar to Airport Rd & Portage is about 25 minutes. From Monday through Friday, this service is available.

Taxi/rideshare services

As an alternative, you can consider using a taxi service like ABC Taxi, Bronco Express, or Roberts Taxi – the quickest way to go from the city to the airport. The trip usually costs between $17 and $25 and takes 10 to 15 minutes.

You may also use ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber to get to the airport. The price, which often ranges between $10 and $20, varies depending on the type of service and the time of departure. To avoid paying more during rush hours or on holidays, it's advised to verify the fare before reserving a ride.

AZO Airport parking options

Both short- and long-term parking requirements may be met by the airport in Kalamazoo's outside parking areas. These parking lots are easily accessible thanks to their handy location close to the terminal. An automated credit card lane makes processing payments easier. There are possibilities for both short- and long-term parking in both parking lots, with weekly parking available in the long-term lot. It's vital to keep in mind that parking in front of the terminal is only permitted for loading and unloading purposes. Both of the airport's parking lots provide accessible places for those with special requirements. Moreover, there is a Cell Phone Lot where you may park for free for a little period of time. So the airport offers a variety of parking options, but there are also less expensive options, such as off-site garages and hotel parking lots. Just read on to get all the additional key details on these reasonably priced off-site parking options supplied by our smart booking platform –

Where to park at Kalamazoo Airport

For both short-term and long-term parking, AZO Airport has two outdoor parking areas. All passengers can park in designated accessible spaces in these lots. For visitors making shorter journeys, the Short-Term Lot provides convenient daily parking alternatives. The airport also offers a Cell Phone Lot where you may park for nothing while you wait to pick up and coming travelers if you want something more reasonably priced.

How much does it cost to park at Kalamazoo Airport?

The chosen lot and kind of parking determine the Kalamazoo Airport's parking charges. Parking at AZO Airport is charged at a rate of $2 for 30 minutes, rising to $15 at the Short-Term lot and $10 at the Long-Term lot. The maximum price for weekly parking is $63 per week.

How much is long-term parking at Kalamazoo Airport?

Depending on the parking lot you select, long-term parking at the Kalamazoo Airport has a range of prices. Daily parking choices are available in both the Long-Term and Short-Term lots. Parking at the Short-Term lot's long-term spaces costs up to $15 per day, while the Long-Term lot's daily rate is $9. Booking a space at one of the neighboring hotel parking lots or off-site garages is advised if you're trying to find economical long-term parking. Most of the time, these off-site parking alternatives are less expensive than those available on-site.



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PNA's off-site parking near AZO Airport with shuttle

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How much is short-term parking at Kalamazoo Airport?

Both of the on-site parking facilities have places accessible for short-term parking. These locations are practical for travelers because they are close to the terminal. On the one hand, you can leave your vehicle at the Short-Term lot, which charges $2 for every 30 minutes of parking. On the other hand, it will cost you $4 per hour to book a short-term parking place in the long-term parking lot. The Kalamazoo Airport's parking rates rise gradually every 30 and 60 minutes until they reach the maximum daily rate.

Making a reservation at one of the neighboring hotel parking lots or off-site facilities can be a good idea if you're seeking a parking area with a reduced hourly charge. In comparison to the on-site lots, several of these off-site parking facilities provide hourly parking at lower costs.



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Things to do at Kalamazoo Airport

The tiny size of AZO airport limits the number of services available to keep travelers entertained before departure. Sadly, there aren't any lounges accessible. However, using the terminal's free Wi-Fi will keep you entertained. Tailwind Kalamazoo, LLC is a fantastic alternative at AZO Airport if you're searching for places to dine and buy. This restaurant serves breakfast, along with a large range of coffee, wine, beer, and specialty beverages, and it opens at 4:30 in the morning. Tailwind Kalamazoo is the ideal destination to satiate your desires for a burger, pizza, sandwich, or wrap. Just keep in mind to leave without buying any souvenirs. A Business Center and Board Room are also available for hourly, half-day, and full-day rentals at the airport.

Kalamazoo Airport parking map

Presented is the airport map showcasing optimal parking areas within the vicinity, encompassing long-term parking options for Kalamazoo Airport and economically friendly AZO parking.

AZO Airport parking information, coupons, and discounts

Finding on-site parking at the airport can occasionally be challenging due to the lack of parking places. There is also no option to book a parking space in advance. As a result, it is wise to reserve a parking space at the same time as your airline ticket. You may find a parking space close to the airport using our smart booking platform – – for prices beginning at $3.95 per day. Our parking facilities provide many extras, including free round-trip shuttle service, camera surveillance, round-the-clock security, and much more. Therefore, it's highly recommended to always use PNA to make affordable and secure AZO parking bookings. Just join us today and enjoy your upcoming adventure fully!

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Where can I find the Kalamazoo Airport?

The Kalamazoo Airport, also known as AZO Airport, can be found at 5235 Portage Rd, Portage, MI 49002.

What are the options for affordable long-term parking at the airport?

If you're looking for affordable long-term parking at AZO Airport, the Long-Term lot is your best option, costing $9 per day. However, if you need even lower rates for long-term parking, consider booking at nearby off-site garages and lots, where rates start as low as $3 per day.

Does the airport offer free parking?

Yes, Kalamazoo Airport provides free parking through its Cell Phone Lot. This lot is available for use when picking up someone from the airport. It's important to ensure that the vehicle is not left unattended and is turned off while parked in the lot.

How much does weekly parking cost at AZO Airport?

For weekly parking at AZO Airport, the Long-Term lot offers a rate of $63.

What are the operating hours of the airport?

Kalamazoo Airport opens at 4 a.m. and operates until midnight.

Which airlines operate out of Kalamazoo Airport?

The airlines that fly out of Kalamazoo Airport include American Eagle, United Express, and Delta Connection.

What is the closest airport to Kalamazoo, Michigan?

Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport (AZO) is the nearest airport to Kalamazoo, situated just five miles away from the city.

Where can I find accessible parking spots at Kalamazoo Airport?

Accessible parking spots are available in both the Short-Term and Long-Term parking lots at Kalamazoo Airport. Moreover, our smart booking platform,, offers travelers perfect parking lots just a few miles from the airport, with convenient locations and affordable prices. Just visit and learn more!

How to Save Money on Kalamazoo Airport Parking

If you are planning to fly from Kalamazoo Airport (AZO), you might be wondering how to find the best parking option for your budget and convenience. Parking onsite at the airport can be very expensive, especially if you need to leave your car for a long time. According to the airport's website, the short-term parking rates increase every 30 minutes up to $15 per day, while the long-term parking rates increase every hour up to $9 per day or $63 per week. That means you could end up paying more than $100 for a week of parking at the airport!

Fortunately, there is a better way to save money on Kalamazoo Airport parking. You can use to find and book off-site parking facilities that offer cheaper daily rates for AZO parking. is a platform that connects travelers with parking providers near airports, hotels, and other destinations. You can compare prices, amenities, reviews, and availability of different parking options near Kalamazoo Airport and reserve your spot online in advance. You can also cancel your reservation for free up to a certain time before your check-in date.

Some of the benefits of booking off-site parking near Kalamazoo Airport with are:

- You can save up to 70% or more compared to onsite parking rates.
- You can choose from uncovered or covered parking spaces, depending on your preference and weather conditions.
- You can enjoy free shuttle rides to and from the airport, which run on demand or on a schedule depending on the parking provider.
- You can park your car in a secure and well-lit lot with surveillance cameras and staff on site.
- You can earn reward points for every booking and redeem them for discounts on future reservations.

So, next time you need to park your car near Kalamazoo Airport, don't settle for the expensive and limited onsite parking options. Book your off-site parking spot with and enjoy the convenience and savings of AZO parking.