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Four Points (AZO)
Four Points (AZO)
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  • 1.7 miles to AZO
  • Free Shuttle
  • 24/7
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How to Save Money on Kalamazoo Airport Parking

If you are planning to fly from Kalamazoo Airport (AZO), you might be wondering how to find the best parking option for your budget and convenience. Parking onsite at the airport can be very expensive, especially if you need to leave your car for a long time. According to the airport's website, the short-term parking rates increase every 30 minutes up to $15 per day, while the long-term parking rates increase every hour up to $9 per day or $63 per week. That means you could end up paying more than $100 for a week of parking at the airport!

Fortunately, there is a better way to save money on Kalamazoo Airport parking. You can use to find and book off-site parking facilities that offer cheaper daily rates for AZO parking. is a platform that connects travelers with parking providers near airports, hotels, and other destinations. You can compare prices, amenities, reviews, and availability of different parking options near Kalamazoo Airport and reserve your spot online in advance. You can also cancel your reservation for free up to a certain time before your check-in date.

Some of the benefits of booking off-site parking near Kalamazoo Airport with are:

- You can save up to 70% or more compared to onsite parking rates.
- You can choose from uncovered or covered parking spaces, depending on your preference and weather conditions.
- You can enjoy free shuttle rides to and from the airport, which run on demand or on a schedule depending on the parking provider.
- You can park your car in a secure and well-lit lot with surveillance cameras and staff on site.
- You can earn reward points for every booking and redeem them for discounts on future reservations.

So, next time you need to park your car near Kalamazoo Airport, don't settle for the expensive and limited onsite parking options. Book your off-site parking spot with and enjoy the convenience and savings of AZO parking.