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Microtel Inn (CLT)
Microtel Inn (CLT)
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  • Free Shuttle
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Baymont Inn (CLT)
Baymont Inn (CLT)
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  • Parking Type: Self Uncovered
  • 2.3 miles to CLT
  • Free Shuttle
  • 24/7
From$4.95 per day View Book Now

On-Site Parking Options at Charlotte International Airport (CLT)

Charlotte Airport short-term parking

At Charlotte International Airport (CLT), there are several choices for short-term hourly parking. The lower floors of the Deck are also where you'll find the Rental Car Facility. Levels 4 through 7 provide parking spots for an hour. The location of this facility on Josh Birmingham Rightway, next to the terminal building, makes it conveniently accessible on foot. The first hour of parking at this location is free; after that, there is a $4 cost for each extra hour, up to a daily maximum of $24.

The Daily Deck, which provides a practical alternative for parking for more than 24 hours, is located next to the Hourly Deck. Passengers may get to the terminal via a free shuttle service that runs from this parking area. A fixed daily payment of $12 is charged for parking here.

Charlotte Douglas Airport long-term parking

At the airport, there are two on-site long-term lots available for parking. As you approach the terminal, these lots, Lot 1 and Lot 2, are situated on each side of Josh Birmingham Rightway, with Lot 1 being on the right and Lot 2 being on the left. A free shuttle service to and from the terminal is available from both long-term parking areas around the clock, every 10-15 minutes. Both parking areas provide a variety of shuttle shelters. Credit cards only are accepted for payment of the $10 daily parking fee.

Other parking options

While making travel arrangements to CLT, you have two choices if you prefer the convenience of valet parking. The Curbside Valet is one choice, and it offers a simple method of getting to the airport. On the top Departures level of the terminal building, this service is accessible from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. How does it work, you may ask? Actually, everything is straightforward: just leave your car with the staff who will help you with your bags. Then, until your return, your car will be parked safely. The daily fee for this premium service is $35.

The Express Deck, which can be found at the intersection of Wilkinson Boulevard and Harlee Avenue and provides the same valet parking service, is an additional choice. Keep in mind that this service must currently be booked in advance. Once you get there, give your keys to the employee at the Express Deck who will assist you with your bags. After that, you will be shown where to get a free shuttle that will transport you right to the airport. The Express Deck charges a daily parking fee of $14.

Charlotte Airport parking rates

Charlotte Airport short-term parking rates

Parking lot



Hourly Parking (Hourly Parking Deck)




Charlotte Airport long-term parking rates

Parking lot



Long-Term Lot 1

Per day


Long-Term Lot 2

Per day


Daily Deck

Per day


Curbside Valet

Per day


Express Deck

Per day


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Where can I find Charlotte Airport?

The location of Charlotte Airport is 5501 Josh Birmingham Rightway, Charlotte, NC 28208.

What are the fees for short-term parking?

The Airport's Hourly Deck and Daily Deck are two alternatives for short-term parking. Parking at the Hourly Deck is free for the first hour, followed by a fee of $4 for each successive hour up to a daily maximum of $24. The Daily Deck, in turn, costs a fixed fee of $12 every day.

How much does long-term parking cost at the airport?

Two on-site long-term parking garages are available at CLT Airport. These lots charge $10 per day for parking.

What are the rates for valet parking?

The daily cost for the $35 Curbside Valet service, which is located on the terminal building's top departures level, is $35. An alternative is the $14 per day Express Deck, which is accessible through a free shuttle and is situated at the intersection of Wilkinson Boulevard and Harlee Avenue.

Are there electric vehicle charging stations?

Yes, the airport has EV charging stations for short-term parking on the Hourly Deck on Levels 4, 5, and 6. The Express Deck valet service, in turn, provides access to EV charging outlets for long-term parking.

Are there designated parking spaces for individuals with disabilities?

Indeed, Charlotte Douglas Airport has accessible parking in both its lots and parking decks. Continuously accessible shuttles are also offered for parking lots that need shuttle service.

Is parking free at the airport?

Absolutely! The airport's Cell Phone Lot offers complimentary parking. It's situated on Josh Birmingham Rightway, directly to the north of Long-Term Lot 1's entrance. Visitors waiting to pick up passengers who have arrived on a flight should park in this specific spot. Please be aware, however, that leaving a car alone isn't advised. Even so, it's a practical choice for waiting while you wait to pick up your visitors from the curbside pickup spot.

Is there affordable parking near Charlotte Airport?

Certainly! With our smart booking platform,, you can park close to the airport for as little as $4.95 a day. Through our network of hotels and private parking facilities, we provide several parking possibilities for any traveler's needs. With us, you'll definitely avoid the anxiety related to airport parking by making a reservation in advance. Enjoy!

Long Term Parking Charlotte Airport

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Where To Stay Near Charlotte Airport

Charlotte Airport is considered to be a pretty big airport that consists of five concourses (A, B, C, D and E), so there are plentiful hotels nearby. But here are just a few that come recommended by guests: Minute Suites which is located in the Atrium (6 suites to be exact) of the airport. What makes this so great is the rooms are accessible from all Terminals and guests love that they don’t have to travel so far to rest. A few other nice hotels near Charlotte Airport would be Hampton Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn and Days Inn, who are equally good with classy rooms, brilliant amenities and affordable rates.

Things To Do At Charlotte Airport

Starving before or after a flight? Need just a little something to hold you over? Well, you’re in luck. Charlotte Airport offers over 45 restaurants and cafes, both Airside and Landside; but if you’re looking for a healthy option, The Farmers Market is located in Concourse B or E Rotunda. Duty-free shopping is available, along with tons of retail shops to pick up last minute snacks and drinks, so there’s plenty to keep you busy while waiting for your flight.