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Hilton Garden Inn San Antonio Airport South (SAT)
Hilton Garden Inn San Antonio Airport South (SAT)
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  • Parking Type: Self Uncovered
  • 0.9 miles to SAT
  • Free Shuttle
  • 24/7
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Homewood Suites (SAT)
Homewood Suites (SAT)
Superb 24 Reviews
Latest Review: great job done
  • Parking Type: Self Uncovered
  • 0.9 miles to SAT
  • Free Shuttle
  • 24/7
From$3.49 per day View Book Now

On-Site Parking Options at San Antonio Airport (SAT)

Short-term parking options at San Antonio Airport

If you're flying out of the airport, there are four primary on-site parking options available to you – the Long-Term Parking Garage, the Short-Term Parking Garage, the Economy Green Parking Lot, and the Economy Red Parking Lot. Additionally, valet parking is also an option.

For those who require parking for a short duration while dropping off friends or family, the most convenient choice is the Short-Term Parking Garage, which is located in close proximity to the terminal buildings. The first 15 minutes of parking in this garage are free, but after that, the rates increase every half an hour. The maximum daily rate is $27, and the garage allows parking for up to 30 days.

The airport also offers hourly and daily short term parking in the Long-Term Garage, which is within walking distance of the terminal. If you're looking for affordable on-site short term parking, the Economy Green and Red Lots are the best options. Parking in these lots costs $8 per day or $56 per week. To facilitate transportation between the economy lots and the terminal buildings, a complimentary shuttle service is provided.

Long-term parking options at San Antonio Airport

There are four on-site parking areas available at the airport for long-term parking. Customers going on longer trips out of SAT Airport can choose between the most cost-effective options, which are the Long-Term Garage and the Red and Green Economy Lots.

For those looking for convenience, the Long-Term Garage and adjacent Long-Term Surface Parking Lot are the closest options to both terminals. The daily rate to park here is $16. On the other hand, the economy lots are the most affordable on-site parking areas at the airport. They offer a daily rate of $8 and a weekly rate of $56. However, customers opting for these lots will need to utilize the shuttle bus service for transportation to and from the terminals.

Other parking options at San Antonio Airport

The airport includes a valet parking service, called Fly Away Valet, at Terminal A for customers who prefer a convenient and efficient parking option. The cost for valet parking at the airport is $15 for a maximum of 3 hours, $20 for a duration between 3 to 6 hours, and $33 for parking exceeding 6 hours or overnight stays.

In addition, all four parking facilities within the airport provide complimentary parking for the initial 15 minutes. For those waiting to collect passengers, there is a designated Cell Phone Parking Lot located near 410 Airport Boulevard, next to QMArt and Burger King, where drivers can park free of charge. However, drivers must remain with their vehicle until they are ready to proceed to the front of the terminal for passenger pick-up at the curbside area.

San Antonio Airport parking rates

Parking lot



Short-Term Parking Garage

24+ hours


Long-Term Parking Garage

24+ hours


Valet Parking

Daily max


Economy Green Parking

Daily max



24 hours


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What is the location of San Antonio Airport?

The airport can be found in Uptown Central San Antonio, approximately 8 miles north of Downtown. The address for SAT Airport is 9800 Airport Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78216.

What are the rates for short-term parking at the airport?

The rates for short-term parking at the airport vary depending on the parking lot or garage. In the Short-Term Parking Lot, the first 15 minutes of parking is free. After that, the costs are as follows: $3 for 16-30 minutes, $5 for 30-1 hour, $7 for 1-1.5 hours, $9 for 1.5-2 hours, $11 for 2-2.5 hours, $13 for 2.5-3 hours, $15 for 3-3.5 hours, $17 for 3.5-4 hours, and $27 for 4-24 hours. The daily parking rate in this garage is $27.

The cheapest on-site short-term parking options at SAT are available in the Economy Green and Red Lots. In these lots, the first 15 minutes of parking is free, and then the fees are as follows: $3 for 16 minutes-1 hour, $5 for 1-2 hours, and $8 for 2-24 hours. There is also a weekly rate of $56 for parking in these lots.

What are the rates for long-term parking at the airport?

The Long-Term Parking Garage at the airport offers free parking for the first 15 minutes. Subsequently, the rates are $3 for 16 minutes-1 hour, $5 for 1-2 hours, $7 for 2-3 hours, $9 for 3-4 hours, and $16 for 4-24 hours. The daily parking rate in this garage is $16.

Is there disabled parking available?

Yes, San Antonio Airport provides clearly marked accessible parking spots in each of its parking facilities. To use these spaces, a placard or plate indicating disability is required on your vehicle.

Is there complimentary parking available?

Certainly, there is complimentary parking at the Cell Phone Waiting Lot at the airport for drivers who are waiting to pick up passengers. Additionally, there is free parking for the first 15 minutes in all four designated parking areas on the airport premises.

Is valet parking offered at the airport?

Yes, valet parking at the airport is conveniently situated just outside Terminal A. The rates for valet parking are $15 for up to 3 hours, $20 for 3 to 6 hours, and $33 for 6+ hours or overnight parking.

Does the airport have charging stations for electric vehicles?

Absolutely! The airport features a total of 22 charging points specifically designed for electric vehicles. Twenty of these ports can be found in the Short-Term and Long-Term Parking Garages.

Is there affordable parking near San Antonio Airport?

Certainly! By choosing our smart booking platform, PNA, for your next journey from the airport, you can enjoy the convenience of a reserved and guaranteed parking space. This eliminates the stress of circling the on-site parking lots before your flight. also offers budget-friendly parking options near the airport, with spaces available in safe and secure private parking lots starting at just $3.49 per day. For more information, visit our official website –

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If you are looking for a budget yet comfortable hotel in easy reach of San Antonio International Airport we suggest you check out the Red Roof Inn, which comes recommended by guests and is just over a mile away. There are many other hotels in the vicinity including the Hilton San Antonio International Airport, Days Inn and the DoubleTree, each of which gets great reviews ad offers sensible rates.


Not the biggest of the US Airports, there are some decent food and drink outlets at San Antonio International Airport so finding a burger, sandwich and a beer will be no problem. There are some shops – although not as comprehensive as at some other such facilities – and there is a rotating exhibition of local art, but we do recommend if you have the time, look outside the hotel for entertainment.