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Victoria International Airport is the main public airport that offers non-stop air transportation services to Toronto, Seattle, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Yukon, and British Columbia.
YYJ is owned by Transport Canada and operated by Victoria Airport Authority. It is one of the busiest airports in Canada, serving more than 2 million passengers annually.
With this great number coming in and out of the airport, it can be problematic to look for a parking spot on-site. So, why not leave all of your parking dilemmas to us while you’re traveling?
We are offering off-airport parking solutions for those who are looking for a more convenient parking space for their vehicle. If you prefer valet parking services, we can arrange that for you as well.
Do you need a ride from the hotel to the airport and vise versa? Then, you’re in luck because we’re offering pick-up services to our clients, too.
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Most hotels and inns near Victoria International Airport offer all-in services for their guests, so it’s not really hard to look for the best accommodation that suits your preferences. Other than that, they’re easy to book and affordable, too.
Some of the most booked hotels in the area are The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa and The Travelodge. They both offer great facilities, activities, and entertainment for their guests.


There’s a good selection of restaurants and cafés inside Victoria International Airport, such as Fresh Cup Café and Spinnakers On The Fly. There are also several fast-food outlets like Tim Hortons, so you won’t definitely get hungry.
You will find various airport amenities and services around, too. There are shops, an information desk, bicycle assembly station, currency exchange booths, lost & found station, and pet relief area.