3 Locations for Making Wishes Across the Globe

3 Locations for Making Wishes Across the Globe

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Spread out around the world are several sculptures and structures thought to bring luck if one kisses a finger or rubs a toe. Nonetheless, if you wish to be more specific in your desires, there are 3 remarkable places where making a wish is a traditional gesture. Let's explore them!

So where can you make a wish that's guaranteed to be granted?

1. Loch Maree's wishing tree, Scotland

Source: Volodymyr Hryshchenko/Unsplash

Loch Maree is situated between Ullapool and the Kyle of Lochalsh in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. Within the loch, there are several islands, one of which is Isle Maree – home to a truly unique oak tree. Local beliefs suggest that tying a rag or ribbon to this tree and making a wish for good health would alleviate any physical ailments one may have. As time went on, the rags were replaced with metal, and by the visit of Queen Victoria in 1877, it had become customary to insert a copper coin into the trunk. The oak tree had now transformed into a "wishing tree" in a broader sense. This tradition continues today, although sadly, the tree itself succumbed to copper poisoning many years ago. Similar wishing trees can also be found elsewhere in the UK, such as in Portmeirion, Wales, and Ingleborough, Yorkshire.

2. Bangkok's Erawan Shrine, Thailand

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The Erawan Shrine was built during the 1950s in order to counter a series of misfortunes that plagued a nearby hotel. At its core, the shrine houses a golden statue of Phra Phrom, the four-faced Thai representation of Brahma, the Hindu god of creation. Situated at a bustling intersection, it serves as a place where people come to seek various wishes, ranging from financial success to the blessing of a child. Devotees offer garlands of flowers and teak elephants, which are placed in front of each face of the statue. However, burning incense and candles is now discouraged. It's worth noting that if one's wish is granted, it's deemed important to offer thanks by returning to the shrine and leaving an additional offering.

3. The Charles Bridge in Prague, Czechia

Source: Jan Antonin Kolar/Unsplash

In order for tourists to fulfill a wish in Prague, they can follow a certain ritual at the famous Charles Bridge. One of the main attractions in the city, it's advisable to locate the statue of St. John of Nepomuk, who is both the patron saint of discretion, floods, and slander, creating an interesting combination. Positioned below the statue are two plaques. It's said that one should stroke the shiny dog on the left (although some consider this to be a distraction), and rub the figure of a man on the right while uttering their request. On the same side of the bridge, there is a memorial featuring a cross adorned with five stars. This marks the spot where St. John of Nepomuk was thrown into the Vltava River and left to drown. According to the legend, the clouds parted as he hit the water. It's also advised to touch the polished parts of this memorial for good luck.

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Source: Jimmy Moon/Unsplash

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