The 10 Unnecessary Items You Always Pack

The 10 Unnecessary Items You Always Pack

Travel Guide 2024-02-23

Perhaps you have hauled numerous heavy suitcases across the rough cobblestones of Europe or you simply desire to adopt a more minimalist approach for your upcoming journey. Traveling with less baggage is often easier said than done, but there are several items that you can easily discard to lighten the load and make your travels more convenient. We have compiled a collection of 10 items that you typically pack but could likely do without. Let's dive in!

So what are some things that you consistently bring along but actually aren't necessary?

1. Shampoo

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When staying at a hotel or most AirBNBs, toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are usually provided. If not, you can easily find them at your destination. Save space in your toiletry bag for your unique skincare routine, and pick up what you need when you arrive. Minimizing liquids also makes traveling carry-on easier at the airport.

2. Neck pillows

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Neck pillows may provide comfort during transit, but they can be inconvenient to carry around. Most transatlantic flights provide small pillows or you can use a sweatshirt or scarf instead. If you can't do without a neck pillow, choose a compact one that fits inside your backpack. Avoid clipping it to the outside of your suitcase or purse to prevent germ buildup.

3. An extra pair of shoes

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Bringing one extra pair of shoes is understandable, but two extra pairs are excessive. Wear your bulkiest shoes and pack the extras, whether they're sandals or sneakers. Avoid fancy heels or hiking boots unless necessary. Opt for more versatile shoes like trail runners that can be used for different activities.

4. Hats

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Hats can take up a lot of space in your luggage and are prone to getting bent out of shape. Instead, pack sunscreen and sunglasses. If you can't go without a hat, wear a baseball hat on the plane or find one that can be folded or creased without damage.

5. Books and guidebooks

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Taking a book or guidebook along is tempting, especially for beach destinations. However, save space by downloading books on the Kindle app or using an actual Kindle. You can also take pictures of important pages or print them out ahead of time.

6. Umbrella

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Many accommodations provide umbrellas, so check the weather and decide if you need to bring one. You can leave your bulky umbrella behind and use a lightweight rain jacket as an alternative.

7. Hair dryer

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Hair dryers are often provided in hotels and AirBNBs. Avoid the bulk and weight by letting your hair air dry. If you have a special occasion, consider visiting a local salon for a styled look.

8. Athletic gear

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Consider if you really intend to work out on your vacation or if athletic gear suits the destination. Most travelers don't stick to their exercise routine while traveling. If you doubt you'll use it, it's best to leave the gear at home. Remember, walking around the sights can also be a workout.

9. Expensive jewelry

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It's wise not to flaunt expensive jewelry while traveling. Opt for cheaper and less flashy options that won't attract thieves or pickpockets. Consider leaving wedding rings at home and opting for comfortable and affordable silicone versions.

10. Money belt

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The need for carrying cash and cards in a money belt is diminishing with the rise of touch-to-pay options via smartphones. However, if you prefer to have a wallet, use a sling bag that sits in front of your body or choose pants with secure zippered or buttoning pockets.

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How does it work?

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