Stay Alert: Watch Out for These Widespread Travel Scams

Stay Alert: Watch Out for These Widespread Travel Scams

Travel Scams 2024-04-03

Traveling offers the opportunity to discover enchanting new places and meet unfamiliar people. Unfortunately, like in our own communities, there may be individuals who cannot be trusted. Scams aimed at travelers can range from minor inconveniences to significant financial losses and even endangering one's safety. Falling prey to such scams can ruin your experiences in otherwise delightful locations filled with hospitable locals. It's wise to stay informed about common scams as they evolve, and it's recommended to research potential scams in your destination to stay safe!

So which common travel scams should you watch out for during your travels?

1. The unpleasant cab driver

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Almost every regular traveler has likely encountered an unethical taxi driver, either locally or while abroad, and being charged exorbitant prices for a ride from the airport can sour the start of your journey. Thankfully, with the use of GPS, you can track your route to ensure you're not being taken on a detour, and a quick online search can provide you with the standard fare for your trip. It's advisable to avoid any taxis with a malfunctioning meter, and if you suspect any tampering, exit the vehicle promptly. Remember to photograph the taxi driver's license (showing them you're doing so) before commencing the journey. Never take a ride in an unlicensed taxi as it's not worth the risk.

2. The shut attraction

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When staying in Bangkok, be cautious of crafty taxi drivers who may attempt to deceive you by claiming your destination is closed for the day or closed during lunchtime. They might entice you to visit a different location, frequently a store owned by a relative. This kind of deceit is widespread in various urban areas. To steer clear of being duped, ensure you verify the operating hours of the site you intend to go to and acquaint yourself with the entrance specifics of the palace, temple, or train station to guarantee you're brought to the correct spot.

3. The welcoming stranger

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Traveling in unfamiliar places, especially where you don't speak the language, can feel isolating. While there are many kind people in the world who genuinely want to help travelers, there are also individuals who might try to exploit them. A common tactic is for someone to offer to practice English over tea or to invite you to a local bar. However, after the meeting, they present a significantly higher bill and pressure you to pay. To prevent this situation, it's best to avoid going to a second location with someone you've just met.

4. The playful stranger

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If someone appears exceptionally perfect, be careful! This is a more alluring form of the "practice English" scam, yet with graver outcomes. Following a thrilling evening, an unassuming traveler may end up in a truly perilous predicament. Stay vigilant during your travels, and remember that it's wise to be cautious with your beverage at all times.

5. The fantastic holiday accommodation

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That stunning tropical villa is absolutely beautiful and comes at a great price – what a fantastic deal! However, your vacation budget could be at risk if the property listing turns out to be deceptive. In 2021, property scams resulted in over $350 million in losses, as reported by the FBI. To confirm the existence of the property, it's advisable to conduct a reverse image search and check Google Street View. Stick to reputable rental platforms, such as VRBO and Airbnb to ensure your security. Avoid making payments through wire transfer, gift card, or cryptocurrency outside of the official platform, as once you do, your money will likely be irretrievable.

6. The unintentional spill scheme

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You may be peacefully enjoying the view when unexpectedly, your clothes get stained with mustard, bird droppings, or another kind of substance. A kind stranger could offer to assist you in cleaning it up or angrily confront the culprit. Watch out for pickpockets or thieves who might be targeting you, potentially working with others. If you find yourself in this situation, don't hesitate to create a commotion and find a way to escape. Pickpockets might also try to divert your attention by colliding with you or giving you a small "gift" like a twig of rosemary or a low-cost bracelet.

7. The deceptive eatery (or bar)

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If prices aren't displayed on the menu, you won't have control over how much you will be billed in the end. Consider the unfortunate travelers who were billed $776 for three orange juices, an Aperol Spritz, and a medium serving of squid and shrimp at a coastal eatery in Mykonos, Greece. If the menu lacks price details, it's best to explore other dining options to avoid unnecessary expenses.

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