6 Unbelievable Facts You Didn't Know About The Airports Around The World

6 Unbelievable Facts You Didn't Know About The Airports Around The World

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Most of us wouldn't mind looking at the airport's life inside the building. Since it's kind of a State in one other State, it has its own laws and rules. Today’s article is all about unbelievable facts about different airports worldwide that you may not know!

Please Don't Be Scared. I'm Here!

Air travel is a stressful experience for many travelers. Each of us has our own methods to relax. Some might meditate, some pray and some hit the terminal bar and drink! The San Francisco airport has come up with something better than any of those things!

You might be really shocked to learn that SFO has a real therapy pig named Lilou. Lilou is always donning a gorgeous outfit and is able to show off some cool tricks. The guests who visit San Francisco International Airport can enjoy the unique show and even hug the little animal.

Get to the Fly

Trying to keep the airport's toilets clean is such a tricky thing, as lots of passengers go through them every day. However, people that work at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport found a great solution.

They placed a very realistic picture of the fly on the pissoirs. Men should firstly aim precisely at the image and then wash it away. It can sound comical, but it really helped people avoid getting urine on the floor 80% of the time.

Somebody's Luck

Losing your baggage is a very unpleasant thing. In most cases, passengers manage to find it. However, there are situations when passengers, for some reason, don't look for their items. Because of this, lots of lost bags and cases build up at the airports.

What can we do with these things, you can ask? They sell them. There is a unique shop in Alabama, where you can buy such "losties". The prices are great!

Technical Geniuses

Did you know that Kansai Airport in Osaka, Japan, is an artificial island? It is not just human creation but a true technical perfection. Engineers created special hydraulic devices to lift the island above water to avoid flooding during earthquakes and numerous floods.

We also want to pay attention to the San Francisco International Airport. It was built with the help of 267 ball-bearings, and its supporting columns can move 20 inches in any direction during an earthquake.

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The Obvious is the Unbelievable

Paris Orly Airport accepts the DECOR software used for takeoffs and landings and runs on Windows 3.1, released in 1992. However, the airport has only three professionals familiar with DECOR. The update was scheduled between 2017 and 2021.

Ivan Guards Toronto

Bird flocks can often cause aircraft accidents or forced landings. Each airport tries to find its own way to solve this problem.

For example, Pearson International Airport in Toronto uses specially trained birds to scare away or kill the flocks. It helps reduce the risk of clashes with planes. This unique birds' team includes falcons, hawks, and one white-headed eagle named Ivan. How the bird of prey got this name is still a secret.