Denver International Airport: Secrets Hidden Behind Airport Walls

Denver International Airport: Secrets Hidden Behind Airport Walls

Airports 2021-07-14
Every place has its own story and today we’re going to talk about Denver Airport. You’ll hear a lot of rumors about this place and we’ll try to comb through what’s true. In this article, we’ve put together some information and impressive facts that you might find really interesting about a not-so-average airport.

Lost money

Denver Airport was built in 1995. Construction was initially estimated to cost two billion dollars. After the building was finished, the budget went over four billion dollars. Nobody could say how or why this happened, and it was a huge surprise for everyone. Some suppose that it happened because under the airport existed a secret base for American politicians. Many deny this, but it’s always open for speculation.

The biggest airport in the United States

DEN is one of the country's best airports. It’s one of the biggest in the US, and many are surprised by the sheer scale of the building. Aside from the size, it’s also very well designed and easy to navigate between terminals

Children of the World Dream of Peace

After opening Denver International Airport, management decided that it was worth diversifying the terminals with murals. Because of that, they offered Leo Tanguma to create murals all throughout. The most controversial of them is "Children of the World Dream of Peace." This fresco is a very depressive picture. In the foreground is a soldier. He holds a sword and a machine gun, and a gas mask on his head. In the background, we see a grim image. Parents are keeping the bodies of their dead children. The central part of the mural shows children sleeping underground. Now you may not find it because of the reconstruction. But, maybe, it will be put back where it belongs.

Time Capsule

When the building of the Denver airport had been completed, the city government set up the time capsule. They put newspapers, children's pictures, and other memorable things. According to the plan, the capsule will be opened by our descendants in 2094.

Unattended luggage system

One flaw of Denver International Airport is its useless and expensive luggage system. By design, the system was intended to allow you to handle luggage without any human assistance. Sadly the machine never worked, and the management of the airport found this out after spending millions of dollars on the technology. They tried to deal with this system for another ten years after the airport opened but finally gave up after a decade of mishaps.

Talking Gargoyle

Something you might not get to see at other airports that you can at this one is a talking gargoyle. In one of the terminals, there is a gargoyle that speaks when it sees travelers. Usually, the gargoyle's greeting mentions some airport-related conspiracy theme. So if you are in the Denver National Airport, be sure to stop by this terminal.

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Of course, Denver International Airport is a mysterious and unusual place. Despite this, it is one of the best airports in the world.