Cruise Company Appoints Inaugural 'Chief Aurora Chaser' and Promises Northern Lights Experience!

Cruise Company Appoints Inaugural 'Chief Aurora Chaser' and Promises Northern Lights Experience!

News 2024-04-14

Astronomer Tom Kerss will join selected Hurtigruten voyages as an expert on board, overseeing various activities and events for guests.

Witness the magic! Hurtigruten unveils Northern Lights guarantee and 'Chief Aurora Chaser'

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A Norwegian cruise company has recently appointed its first-ever 'Chief Aurora Chaser' to enhance travelers' experiences of the spectacular Northern Lights phenomenon during their trips.

The new 'Chief Aurora Chaser', Tom Kerss, who's an expert in Northern Lights astronomy, will be onboard specific Hurtigruten cruises where he'll organize activities and events for guests. He'll also lead virtual talks, webinars, and workshops.

Hedda Felin, the CEO of Hurtigruten, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Tom Kerss as the 'Chief Aurora Chaser', the world's first known appointment of its kind. Together, they aim to elevate the Northern Lights experience, providing guests with an unmatched opportunity to witness this awe-inspiring phenomenon in an exceptionally immersive manner.

Tom Kerss shared that guests will not only have the chance to witness the Northern Lights but also delve into the mysteries and narratives that surround its beauty and essence, creating unforgettable memories that will endure a lifetime.

The company plans to offer a series of four astronomer-hosted voyages in 2024 and 2025, which will include crossing the Arctic Circle and a visit to a Northern Lights planetarium.

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Hurtigruten is now extending their Northern Lights guarantee until mid-September, aiming to enhance the onboard experience. This benefit is offered to guests who book specific 11-day or longer trips and don't witness the Northern Lights. They'll have the opportunity to experience a complimentary Coastal Express Classic Voyage.

Formerly, this guarantee was solely applicable to trips departing in October.

Felin remarked:

"This dedication showcases our firm commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and ensuring that each journey with Hurtigruten is truly remarkable."

Apart from their Northern Lights-centered voyages, Hurtigruten also reintroduced their service on the Svalbard Express route last year. This route connects Bergen, Norway, to the stunning Arctic archipelago of Svalbard on the renovated Trollfjord vessel.

Furthermore, Hurtigruten's expedition cruise line, HX, has recently transitioned to all-inclusive voyages. This upgrade covers a wide range of offerings, such as daily excursions, activities, gratuities, beverages, and more within the cruise's overall cost.

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