Breeze Makes the First Significant Adjustment to Its Schedule Since Its Launch

Breeze Makes the First Significant Adjustment to Its Schedule Since Its Launch

Airlines 2021-07-28
As is well known, Breeze airline was first announced by David Neeleman in 2018. Previously, it had a unique codename, "Moxy". The airline started to work in May 2021 following several months of delays.

The carrier was launched with a plan to focus on point-to-point routes between small, underserved cities. But, avoiding hubs and competition in general, Neeleman - who also founded Brazil's Azul airline and was previously a co-owner of TAP Portugal - proposed the idea to launch a low-cost, nimble operation connecting city pairs that might not come top of mind.

Well, now Breeze Airways cut several routes and reduced frequencies on many others this week, less than two months after the airline began flying in late May.

The most affected markets are Norfolk, VA (ORF) and Charleston, SC (CHS).

Five routes from Norfolk were immediately cut for this week and part of next week. These are:
  • Norfolk-Hartford, Connecticut (BDL),
  • Norfolk-Charleston,
  • Norfolk-Columbus, Ohio (CMH),
  • Norfolk-Pittsburgh (PIT),
  • Norfolk-Tampa, Florida (TPA).
On the following routes, the frequency of flights will be reduced from four weekly flights to two:
  • San Antonio, Texas (SAT)-Oklahoma City (OKC),
  • San Antonio-Tulsa, Oklahoma (TUL),
  • San Antonio-Fayetteville, Arkansas (XNA),
  • Huntsville, Alabama (HSV)-Tampa,
  • Huntsville-New Orleans (MSY),
  • Huntsville-Charleston,
  • Columbus-Charleston,
  • Columbus-Norfolk,
  • Pittsburgh-Norfolk,
  • Pittsburgh-Charleston,
  • Richmond, Virginia (RIC)-Charleston,
  • Louisville, Kentucky (SDF)-Charleston,
  • Norfolk-Charleston.
Neeleman previously suggested that this trickiness would allow Breeze to quickly adjust its schedule and try new routes based on demand and booking trends.

The only one disadvantage is that passengers booking far ahead of time could see their flights changed or even canceled. At press time, Breeze had posted a notice on its website advising passengers to check their reservations in case of schedule changes.

Judging from this first round of frequency reductions, Breeze does plan to follow Neeleman's plan and make adjustments on the fly.

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