Hiking adventures during Quarantine

Hiking adventures during Quarantine

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With all this social distancing or need to stay indoors due to coronavirus quarantining, you must be going stir crazy or just plain feeling cooped up altogether, but there’s always a silver lining. First, you’re doing the best you can in the most uncertain time. Second, it’s the perfect time to plan your next excursion. Third – it’s high time to get into your very best shape, physically, mentally, emotionally and beyond. And one of the best ways to boost your mood and to improve your mental health would be – hiking. It’s a terrific way to keep you focused and to enhance your physical active while all the gyms are closed. Of course, keeping in mind that these are quite unique times so one must prepare to make sure that they are both using safety precautions and able to make the most of their outdoor routines without having to do too much. Here is your guide to preparing to hike during quarantine.

Keep It Basic

The biggest issue that the country is facing right now is the ability to have access to hospitals. The main reason being is to prevent the spread of the virus from ultimately overwhelming our health care systems and of course, driving restrictions. Cities like Los Angeles, Seattle and New York who are considered bigger ones are extremely worried about it, so the even smaller cities are even less prepared. Even with the driving restrictions around town thankfully those who are essential workers can find parking around or in most airports. For New Yorkers, going hiking is probably the last thing on their agenda with the weather being so unpredictable. But if one wanted to travel further to the West to make that hike a lot more enjoyable it’s good to know that the city is making things a lot easier through all the mayhem by providing parking at JFK, one of the biggest airports built in New York. Many are able to find parking near JFK and can walk or shuttle to their destination in hopes to catch a flight so that they can conquer their dream of going to the Eastern Sierra for the outdoors and to make Inyo County a must-see trail to hike. Unfortunately, Inyo County, California is just as worried about the consequences of COVID-19 as all other small towns surrounding the area due to the elderly population and limited resources they are currently urging hikers to stay home and will update everyone on when it’s safe to revisit. So for now, it’s best to keep your hikes as local as possible and always wear protective equipment when venturing outdoors.

Make It A Solo Mission

Make It A Solo MissionAlthough outdoor activities sound great because you are making the most out of your stay at home by getting some hiking and walking in, you might want to keep in mind social distancing requires just that….distancing. In order to limit the spread of coronavirus you have to stay away from groups. The whole idea of social distancing is staying a distance of six feet away from people. Not the easiest rule to follow during a group hike but it’s definitely manageable with one or two hiking buddies. Good thing you quarantined in the confinement of your own home so you have time to plan it all out.

Choose the Right Trail

Choose the Right TrailIn order to maintain social distance, you have to avoid crowds. That also means you need to pick the right trails in general that are not crowded. These trails are usually wide in space and are not single track which makes it easier to hike. If you’re going solo or with a partner your best bet is to pick a trail that has a lot more social distancing room. Even though a lot of people aren’t out and about working out, it’s best to go outside early. When venturing out solo you can also choose to hike a single track just as easily as a wide trail but you have to be careful to keep distance from other hikers. While keeping distance, make sure to stay away from very popular trails. Iconic trails like Griffith Park are always crowded with tons of people because most people are trying to grab a selfie with the Hollywood sign around the (closed) Griffith Observatory, but it’s just not worth. Plus, there’s more than one spot to see the must-see sign. There’s just as many trails in other states that you can easily visit as well. All you need to do is head to your closest airport. Park your car and board your flight safely. If you’re in New York, take advantage of JFK Airport parking and save yourself some time. You won’t be sorry. Also, when preparing for a hike, it’s always good to keep track of the weather. We may all have a bit of cabin fever and with the April showers we can’t seem to look forward to drier days. In order to hike a trail it’s best to make sure the grounds are not wet from rain. After it rains, wait at least a couple of days before hiking. Fortunately, during those times many parks are closed.

Pack Smart and Light

Pack Smart and LightWhen preparing for a hiking adventure during quarantine you always should jot down what you need to bring with you in case of an emergency and in order to provide you with the best hiking experience ever. First, you need the right footwear, that’s lightweight, breathable, comfortable, water resistant, durable and should supply you with the right amount of ankle support; ensuring that your toes are well protected at all times. Also, picking out the right clothes to wear when hiking is extremely important. You need to make sure you pick clothes made of synthetic material that will keep you dry throughout the day. Be sure to avoid the use of cotton material that can trap moisture and sweat. Along with wearing proper clothing while hiking, always pack a first-aid kit. It’s one of the most essential things hikers should bring along on their long trail. The first aid kit should include products like bandages, multi-use knife, thermometer, scissors, medical tapes, etc. In addition to having a good first aid kit, having a compass and a topographic map are just as essential to make sure that you’re never lost. We hope that you find this Guide to Preparing for Hiking Adventures During Quarantine useful and helpful to make your hiking experience enjoyable! Image source: www.eventmagazine.townscript.com