Secret Rooms at the Airports Around the World: What Is Hidden There?

Secret Rooms at the Airports Around the World: What Is Hidden There?

Airports 2021-11-27
Did you know that at many airports around the world, there are some secret rooms? In the first room, you're able to sleep, in the second - meditate, and in the third one - even have a walk with a dog! So, if you want to learn more about these rooms, where they're located and what you can do there, you've come to the right place. Today, we'd like to share information published on social networks by one flight attendant who has seen dozens of different airports. So, let's get to the point!

1. Schiphol, Netherlands: Meditation Room

No one will argue that flying might be pretty stressful. That's why the Dutch have created a quiet and secluded meditation space at Schiphol Airport. There you're able to hold communion with yourself and relax a little bit before or after the exhausting flight.

2. McCarran, Las Vegas: Sleeping Rooms

The sleeping rooms at the Las Vegas Airport are compact, quiet, and equipped with double beds. These rooms are managed by ZERO Level Fitness and Wellness, which has established a fitness studio there. As for the prices, renting a sleeping room costs about $30 for a 2-hour stay.

3. Sheremetyevo, Moscow: Sleepboxes

Capsule hotel was created for people who have to wait for a flight or just want some privacy and take a nap. Sleeping services are available for one to three people and can be rented for half an hour or an extended period.

4. Shannon, Ireland: Sensory Room

The specially built sensory room at Shannon Airport is available only for participants of the particular assistance program - passengers with autism, people with disabilities, and the elderly. This room has sensory equipment and was made to help tourists relax. The beneficial effect is possible thanks to the unique atmosphere, the impact of muted colors with bright accents, smells, sounds, and touches the surfaces with different textures. The sensory room is open 24 hours a day.

5. O'Hare, Chicago: The Yoga Room

If we speak about the yoga room at the Chicago O'Hare Airport, you'll find two monitors there: the first one shows videos of yoga poses and another one - the flight information. The room is perfect for those who need to have a rest before a long flight.

6. Hartsfield-Jackson, Atlanta: Dog Park

It's not exactly a room, rather a particular area. Most U.S. airports have what's called "animal assistance areas," but in Atlanta, organizers went a step further and made an entire outdoor dog park where pets can take plenty of walks and lay around. This place is not just for the animals, but for their owners as well.

7. Pittsburgh International Airport: Prison Cells

Pittsburgh Airport even has prison cells for violent and drunk tourists. Illegals can also be placed there. They can be kept there until they are moved to another place. The room looks like a natural prison cell: inside the small space, you can find a metal bench/bed bolted to the wall, a toilet, a sink, a stainless steel mirror, and a bar on the door.

There's a similar room in Los Angeles, where an average of 15 arrests a day occur - primarily for looking drunk in public and criminals trying to steal rental cars.

8. Schiphol, Netherlands: Deadhouse

The sad reality is that people are dying even while flying - if a tourist suddenly hears the code phrase "Jim Wilson" from a flight attendant on board a foreign company, it means there's a coffin on the plane. Staff uses that first and last name as a coded message. They may also use the term HR (which is short for human remains). For bodies traveling through Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, a deadhouse accepts about 2,000 bodies a year.

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