What Should You Know About Traveling With Firearms?

What Should You Know About Traveling With Firearms?

Traveling with Firearms 2021-12-05 ParkingNearAirports.io
On November 20th, it was reported that an unknown man opened fire at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Fortunately, later, airport officials said there was no danger, as the shot was allegedly accidental.

However, after that situation, we came to the following conclusion: probably, people don't know how to transport firearms during their trips. So what should we know about it? How to do that correctly to avoid such unpleasant situations? Let's check!

How to travel with firearms?

Actually, flying with a gun is not a complicated process. However, Americans must abide by federal, state, local, and international laws to avoid incidents, as we've described above.

So what should passengers remember, according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)?
  • Travelers can carry unloaded firearms in a locked hard-sided container only as checked baggage.
  • Travelers have to declare the airline's firearms and/or ammunition when checking the bag at the ticket counter.
  • Firearm containers must fully protect firearms from access.
  • Locked cases that can be opened easily are not allowed.
  • Delivery of unloaded firearms with accessible ammunition to the security checkpoint shall be subject to the same civil penalty/fine as delivery of loaded firearms to the checkpoint.
  • Parts of the weapon, including magazines, clips, bolts, and firing pins, are prohibited in hand luggage but may be transported in checked baggage.
  • Replica guns, including toys, should also be transported only in checked luggage.
  • Ammunition is prohibited in hand luggage, but it can be transported in checked baggage.
Local, state, and international laws regulating guns, which tourists should make themselves aware of before a trip, differ and can result in legal issues if they aren't followed accurately.

Here travelers will find some more helpful tips!

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