The World's Three Safest Towns Post-Pandemic

The World's Three Safest Towns Post-Pandemic

States & Cities 2021-12-16
No one will argue that nothing has changed the city's life quite like the Covid-19 pandemic has. We went through everything: starting with the closure of city-center offices and ending with the mask mandates.

As a result, the cities were forced to pay more attention to health protections and overall security to protect their populations better. So which cities manage with this well? Which of them took the first positions in the ranking?

Today we're going to tell you about the world's three safest cities post-pandemic. Interviewing their citizens, we've learned how the changes wrought by the pandemic have made their cities more secure, inclusive, and resilient. So let's check where you can go to stay safe!

1. Copenhagen

The first place on our list takes Copenhagen. Let's take a closer look at why.

First of all, the city's abundant parks and open spaces have influenced how residents coped with pandemic restrictions. Thanks to this, it wasn't as complicated as it seemed. In addition, the index's new environmental security pillar, which measures sustainability, air quality, waste management, and urban forest cover, helped well in this case.

Besides, the country's community spirit, best summed up in the Danish word "samfundssind," also enables the citizens to work together and trust each other - including government officials - to create a safer living environment.

2. Toronto

The second place took Toronto - the largest Canadian city. According to the local residents, the town managed to take such a high position thanks to its inclusive culture that values targeted communication across communities, especially regarding vaccine awareness and adoption.

In addition, locals also feel safe because of the city's long history of multiculturalism. Here's what one of the citizen's, Filipe Vernaza, said about it:

"I've found that different ethnic and cultural groups actually interact with each other and don't live in isolation."

By the way, Filipe has lived in the city since 1998.

3. Singapore

Ranked second in digital security, health security, and infrastructure security, Singapore used these strengths to advance quickly in the early days of the pandemic by rapidly implementing digital monitoring and contact tracing. The country also boasts one of the highest vaccination rates in the world (currently at 80%) but still requires strict tracing and contact monitoring with new variants.

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