Best Apps for Travelling

Best Apps for Travelling

Apps 2020-04-21
Whether you choose to travel domestically or internationally after being home quarantined, how would you know if you’re getting the best travel deal for your next trip? With the help of these travel apps, you can actually enjoy the build up of your next adventure, whether it’s an official family trip, road trip, or last-minute long weekend getaway with friends. You have to be prepared always.


HopperHopper - This app analyzes billions of airfare and hotel prices a day. If you’re not sure when you want to travel or looking for the best time to travel, Hopper can do that for you too with their ideal travel date features - claiming 95% accuracy, up to 1 year in advance. How it works: - Open the app, it defaults to the search tab. Type in your destination. - It will show you the cheapest and the most expensive dates to fly. Go to the App Store or Google Play to download the app.


FlightStatsFlightStats - You can track the real flight time status and location of any commercial flight worldwide which is very handy when a flight is delayed. You can even sign up for push notifications for your flight’s departure and arrival info, and help you avoid stressful situations like gate changes, delays and cancellations. Checking flight status on FlightStats is way better than going through the airlines flight status page directly. How it works: - On the main page, you can select “Flights” or “Airports”. - If you select “Airports”, you can enter the airport you want to see the status for. For example “JFK Airport”, the app will show you the weather status and a delay meter which helps you a better idea of just how bad things will get. - If you select “Flights”, you’ll need to type the airline, flight number and flight date. Go to the App Store or Google Play to download the app. Flight Tracker ProFlight Tracker Pro - Having a tracker for flights in your digital tool is the belt can save you from headaches and stress while traveling. And just like FlightStats it would tell you the things you need to know for your frequent business travel but with more details and it’s not for free ($9.99). You can even sync this with TripIt app, an itinerary organizer. How it works: - Within the app, you can track by flight number, route and by airport. - If you track by airport, there will be an additional in app purchase of $5.99 Go to the App Store or Google Play to download the app.


TripitTripit - Who doesn't want their hours of travel planning to be organized in a few clicks? This app can organize all of your itineraries in one place. Save your time from going through your digital files to find your flight details. We would recommend this app to people who often have business trips. How it works: - Once you get an email confirmation of flight, hotel, car or other reservation online, simply forward it to to get a masterfile itinerary of your plans through the Tripit App. Go to the App Store or Google Play to download the app.

BEST HOTEL DEALS APPS - This app is an online travel agent that provides online reservation services such as hotels, homes, resorts, villas and much more. If you’re a budget traveler, and looking for a perfect place for your vacation with family or friends you should have this app to find a perfect place for your travel for the right price. How it works: - Within the app, type in the location and select the check-in and check-out so the booking system can filter out the accommodations available. Don’t forget to indicate how many rooms you need, how many adults and children and then click “Let’s go!” - Sort the listings according to price to get the cheapest deal and use the filter function to narrow down the search result. Go to the App Store or Google Play to download the app.


Google MapsGoogle Maps - I am 100% sure you’re familiar with this app because this is one of the most common apps installed on iOS and most Android phones when you purchase them. Why? Because Google Maps has many tech tools that makes travelling a lot easier. How it works: - This tool is super easy to use, all you need to do is search for the location for to and from. It will give you estimates of the travel time whether you’re going to walk, drive or commute. - Google Maps can cover you in spotty coverage areas that’s why it’s worth downloading offline maps. Go to the App Store or Google Play to download the app. WazeWaze - This app is very handy especially if you’re going on a road trip, sit in traffic or commute. Google owns this app, so it has the same traffic information that you’ll see on Google Maps, but kind of more updated when it comes to real-time navigation because of nearby drivers or passengers using the same app. Waze can show you the fastest way to get somewhere and sometimes you’ll find alternative routes to your destination.  How it works: - Upon opening the app, you’ll see a text box where you    can search for a destination, which you can save too as home address, work and many more. - You can report an accident or other incident along the way using the app. - If you’re driving alone, better turn on the voice direction to keep your eye on the road. Go to the App Store or Google Play to download the app. KomootKomoot- If you love hiking, mountain biking or road cycling adventure, this app is the answer to your prayer. Be guided along every trail, track, road or path. This sport-specific app can detail your route down to the finest point and even create a plan based on your preferences. With the audio navigation feature, you won't have to take your eyes off the wonderful place you chose to be in. How it works: - Select route type, surface and elevation within the app. - You’ll be able to view popular segments on your route including view points and places to get some refreshments. Go to the App Store or Google Play to download the app.


AirbnbAirbnb - This is one of the most used apps for budget travellers and who wants their accommodation to feel like they’re home. With this app, the process is far from booking a hotel because you have to communicate with the host or owner of the place to make an arrangement. They have over 800,000 unique listings around the world, it’s the perfect app to find a comfortable place, memorable trip and budget friendly too! How it works: - Make sure you complete and verify your profile, because Airbnb is a community that relies on trust. - Search for the location, make sure you include the dates, number of guests to get the most accurate pricing. - You’ll see listings where you can instantly book while some require host’s approval. This is why it’s important that your profile is verified, details and has a photo. Go to the App Store or Google Play to download the app.


TimeshifterTimeshifter - Finally, there is a cure for jetlag and has been scientifically proven and it’s an app! Frequent travellers, you won’t regret using this app especially if you’re one of those travellers who suffer from jetlag. Timeshifter was co-invented by a neuroscientist Dr. Steven Lockley and applied NASA-approved science which is called circadian neuroscience to help any travellers avoid that debilitating problem. How it works: - Just give the app an idea of your sleep patterns and destination, it will give you individual jet lag plans based on every trip. - It will send you notification throughout the day to remind you to take a specific action like turn off the light, drink coffee or when to pop melatonin pills. The best part is, it works offline so it can keep you updated in flight. Go to the App Store or Google Play to download the app. You’ll be surprised how much time you’ll save with these apps. Which apps are you currently installed on your phone right now? And how would you rate these platforms? If you’re planning to travel to the USA in the future, here’s a quick informative guide you should know about JFK airport.