6 Best Waste Free Items for Earth Day On-the-Go

6 Best Waste Free Items for Earth Day On-the-Go

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As we wrap up Earth Day this week it’s only right to touch base on something we can all agree on. Unfortunately, the travel industry is full of waste. From plastic cups found balled up in the corner to mini shampoo samples being tossed around. Though several measures are being taken to crack down, you can very well help by taking on some of these eco-friendly items into your daily regimen. The next time you’re getting ready to take an excursion and need to pack for a future trip, maybe a camping trip or picnic, pack a little lighter with sticking some of these eco-conscious items in your bag.

Simply Eco Reusable Straws

simply eco reusable straws Tired of using plastic straws? Had enough with them getting all bent out of shape? Well the good news is all around the country plastic straws are on the trail to being banned, so here’s your chance to help put a decrease to waste with using a set of these eco-friendly stainless steel straws along with accessories. With one of these suckers, you’ll be happy to be saving the environment by sipping a tasty margarita poolside. Amazon User Review: “This item is the perfect length! I would recommend this as a gift or a self-purchase for the eco friendly consumer.” Price: $6.99 on Amazon Average Star Rating: 4.8

KOOSHOO Organic Hair Ties

KOOSHOO Organic Hair Ties Many people travel with rubber bands or hair ties when running through the airport because those pesky fly-aways or luscious locks of hair can be a lot and downright annoying when trying to get past TSA but you can barely see with all that hair in the way when attempting to lift that luggage up on the conveyer belt. Wouldn’t you just love a good hair tie that’s eco-friendly and ultimately gets the job done? Well, KOOSHOO Organic bands teamed up with Sea Sheperd and came up with a spectacular idea. KOOSHOO will be donating portion of sales toward ocean conservation. Now that’s worth putting a ponytail up for! Amazon User Review: “Organic hair elastic? Who would have thought? These are great, look good and worked as promised; much less catching and hair breaking. No more cheaply (and sadly) made mass-produced hair elastics for me or my husband. KOOSHOO has made these two old long-haired hippies very happy with this product.” Price: $18.95 on Amazon Average Star Rating: 4.6

To-Go Ware Utensil Set with Case

To-Go Ware Utensil Set with Case The To-Go Ware Utensil Kit is perfect for road trips, camping and pretty much every day use. But what makes this kit so unique is that it’s eco-conscious in every way. So say bye-bye to those flimsy plastic knock off utensils and say hello to one of the most-sturdy bamboo built sets ever made. Choose from a variety of beautifully made carrying cases made from recycled plastic bottle. Of course, it’s TSA compliant coming in a slew of colors for any trip. Fits perfectly in most carry-ons. Amazon User Review: “I’m trying to reduce my plastic use and these are the perfect tool to carry around. They’ve very slim so it is easy to slip into my purse or lunch bag. The bamboo dries very quickly which is great for keeping everything clean.” Price: Starting at $11.99 on Amazon Average Star Rating: 4.5

Leafico Bamboo Toothbrush with Travel Case

Leafico Bamboo Toothbrush with Travel Case Keep the environment clean and your smile even cleaner with a set of bamboo toothbrushes from Leafico. This zero waste gift makes it a lot easier to travel by leaving the electric tooth brush home. This 100% plastic-free set comes with four completely biodegradable and compostable numbered brushes along with a case. Perfect to keep your teeth pearly white while saving the planet. Amazon User Review: “Great quality. Brush heads are bit larger than what I am use to, but they are perfect for travel.” Price: $14.87 on Amazon Average Star Rating: 4.5

purifyou Reusable Mesh Bags

purifyou Reusable Mesh Bags In most states now single-use plastic bags are being banned in stores or if available comes at a cost, for your wallet and sadly the environment. Stop using those tacky eco non-friendly bags and invest in a mixed set of reusable mesh bags from purifyou. On your next shopping adventure make sure you grab one of these. Don’t be fooled by how lightweight these mesh bags are, they can hold just about any shopping item or fresh produce. What makes these bags so worth it is their durability, not to mention they come with a lifetime guarantee and they are machine washable. And with every purchase, you are doing the globe justice because a portion of proceeds are donated to promote sustainable living around the world! Amazon User Review: “This product works great if you want to have reusable bags for grocery shopping. Great way to reduce using single use plastic bags. Nice mesh, washes great, nice selection of sizes. I’ve used it for produce and bagels.” Price: Starting at $11.97 on Amazon Average Star Rating: 4.8

Ethique Eco-Friendly Hair Sampler

Ethique Eco-Friendly Hair Sampler Tired of TSA throwing away all your over liquid sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner? Well try traveling bottle free with Ethique’s hair sampler beauty bars on your next trip. These 100% natural biodegradable bar shampoos/conditioners are an excellent gift. Amazon User Review: “I’ve done two washes with the various bars and so far so good! I had heard sometimes these “organic” shampoos and conditioners can dry out your hair but that’s NOT the case with Ethique. I’ve enjoyed the sampler pack because I can try out all the Ethique products and then buy a larger size in the product that works best for my hair.” Price: Starting at $15.99 on Amazon Average Star Rating: 4.2 So the next time you think about celebrating Earth Day, make it an everyday thing by purchasing one of these eco-conscious items. These environmentally friendly finds are the perfect items to pack with you no matter whether it’s a short or long trip around the globe you plan on taking. At least you’ll know you’ll be prepared while reducing waste.