Travel Etiquette Tips You Should Keep In Mind While Traveling

Travel Etiquette Tips You Should Keep In Mind While Traveling

Travel Tips 2022-01-04
Even though traveling is a fantastic process, it may prepare different traps and pitfalls for you. Therefore, if you want to avoid falling into unpleasant situations, it's better to know some unspoken etiquette rules. We're glad to say that today's article will tell you the most important of them. So read carefully and keep in mind our tips during your next trip. Let's start!

Always remember you're a guest

For better understanding, we'll give you a good example. Probably, you know that in China, it's normal to burp after a meal; in Japan - to slurp noodles, etc. In America, in turn, it's considered obscene gestures. So if you're traveling abroad, it's up to you to fit in - not the other way round. We have no business being guests and telling the locals how to behave correctly.

Avoid conversations about the politics

To be true, politics is a sensitive subject, so it's pretty easy to hurt the locals. So the best tip we can give you is to avoid such conversations. However, if you were asked to express your views, do it but don't forget to be courteous and respectful of others' perspectives.

Don't adopt local slang

Traveling abroad, you may feel a burning desire to fit in adopting local slang. Be careful! While raising your glass and saying "Cheers" in a London pub is absolutely fine, calling everyone "me ol' china" is not. So we recommend you refrain from the more wild slang terms until you understand the culture and people.

Don't bargain too much

Visiting the labyrinthine souks of Marrakech or the markets of Guatemala and paying the full price will make people laugh at you. However, if you bargain, do it wisely. Haggling too hard, you can leave the trader without vital income. So it's better to bargain a bit but never so much that your sale will cause harm.

Keep out of the way

It's rude to ruin someone's photo by taking your own. So leave your selfie stick at home and if you're visiting the popular site, try to pay attention to what's happening around you. If you want to take a whole bunch of pictures, step aside to allow others to get their own and continue when they're done. Riding in the busy metro at rush hour, move over on the escalator if you block someone's path. You may be on vacation, but locals need to hurry to work, so don't make their commute a living hell. Respect for other people's space is also crucial on airplanes, trains, and buses. Make sure you're not going to knock hot coffee over a fellow traveler before reclining your seat and putting bags on top racks rather than on the seat next to you.

Dress and behave appropriately

Probably, you know that you should cover your head, shoulders, knees, and even ankles visiting most of the religious buildings. However, in Georgia, women aren't allowed to enter wearing trousers. There are many such examples. Pointing barefoot at someone in Thailand is offensive, as is patting someone, even a child, on the head. Hand gestures are also fraught with risk. The thumbs-up sign, which will draw fans to you across Europe, may well lead to your arrest in Iran, while the "I'm fine" signal used by divers everywhere doesn't matter in Brazil since it has an entirely different meaning. So it's better to learn everything in advance before you'll make your trip.

What it boils down to, of course, is respect. If we're respecting others, we all are able to enjoy our beautiful planet - and isn't that what travel's supposed to be about?

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