8 Biggest Travel Mistakes: Must Read

8 Biggest Travel Mistakes: Must Read

Travel Guide 2020-04-28 ParkingNearAirports.io
Even those people who traveled more than a little bit of the average person,  they could still go through stressful travel scenarios.  like being  too early at the airport,  arriving while the flight is already departing,  delayed for 5 minutes or 5 hours,  and having my flight cancelled halfway through the flight.

1. Forgetting your charger

Forgetting your charger Most of the time we charge our phone overnight, of course before we travel we have to do that.   But sometimes we forget to grab them and put them back in our carry-on bag  before we leave  to go to the airport. Nobody wants  that, especially if you're the kind of person who uses travel apps just like the apps we mentioned in our article Best Apps for Travelling.  There is a big chance that your phone will get drained when you're too early at the airport, even if you have your power bank you wouldn't be able to use it because you forgot your data cable which is part of your charger.  So it's either you buy an overpriced charger out of desperation at the airport or you go back to your house just to grab them and be way too late for your flight.  The solution to this is to always keep a spare charger in your carry-on bag no matter what, where,  and  when.  Make it a habit whether you're travelling or not than to spend $40 or more at the airport just for a charger.

2. Forgetting your Eye Mask

Forgetting your Eye MaskIf you're someone who can’t sleep when a light is on and who religiously use a Timeshifter app for jet lag remedy while travelling, you wouldn't want to forget to pack an eye mask in your carry-on bag.

3. Buying a Black Suitcase

Buying a Black Suitcase Yes it's practical to buy a black suitcase or a luggage  for travelling because it's sleek  and it won't get dirty easily.  Actually it's one of the worst things you could do because a  suitcase or a luggage is very common for travelers.  You'll be seeing 50 or more of them at the luggage carousel and you're going to have a hard time to figure out which one is yours. Someone else might accidentally take yours because definitely they’re going to be confused like you. Don't buy a black luggage if you don't want to be in an awkward situation like seeing the owner look at you because you mistakenly grabbed their bag instead of your bag.  Go buy literally a different colour of suitcase except for black.

4. Do your research

Do your researchUpon planning your travel use your spare time in researching about the places you're going to visit.  Make it an enjoyable experience by knowing the history of the places you are going to visit because in some cases you might have disrespected a culture or a place unintentionally just because you did not know or did not do your research assignment beforehand. You will learn how to appreciate a particular place and feel cool that you got a chance to be in that destination. If you do your research it feels surreal, exciting and memorable. It will be so much more than a special moment because you got to be in a place you read about on the internet, books or saw on tv.

5. Dust Bag

Dust Bag Always make sure that you have a dust bag for shoes or a laundry bag. You wouldn't want to pack your shoes with your clean clothes. You don't have to buy them, you could just use an eco bag. It's an eco-friendly bag  that you can reuse  after getting them from shopping. A lot of businesses nowadays are supporting the use of eco-friendly bags, so better keep them! They’re reusable for a reason!

6. Early Flight

  Early FlightLike we’ve mentioned in one of our articles Things You Should about Parking in JFK Airport, you should avoid being late and stuck in the traffic. A lot of people don't know that planes can take off early and you don't want to miss an international flight.  If everyone's checked in then the airport can decide to board early  and take off early. You can prevent that from happening. I know you can.

7. Check in right away

Check in right awayThe quicker you check-in the better because you get to choose your seat in the plane. If you're one of those people who doesn't like sitting in the middle seats, back of the plane and next to the restroom, then just check-in right away. There are 30 seats to choose from, first come first serve, first person to check-in gets first pick from the 30 seats then next person, next person and so on.

8. Buy your own lock

Buy your own lock This one applies to those people who would rather stay in a hostel,  so forgetting to bring your own lock is kind of a big deal. You wouldn't want to buy a lock for your luggage from the hostel where you are staying because they look like one of those cheap, generic types of locks that is easy to pick and to break into your stuff. Just be on the safe side always and buy your own lock  which is a little more heavy duty. Better safe than sorry!