Best Translation Apps for your Travels

Best Translation Apps for your Travels

Apps 2020-05-06

Turn your smartphone into a personal interpreter during your adventure with these top translation apps

With the latest iOS update, Siri offers translation in vocal component and in text form. However, it doesn't support all languages.  Thanks to advancements in machine learning, including translation apps and services which has helped numerous aspects of our lives. These huge developments come in handy when you go abroad to meet a friend who speaks in a different language. It's mind-blowing, when you can actually make meaningful and memorable conversations with almost anyone around the world, with just a few taps on your phone. Many of these translator apps are beneficial for their voice-to-voice conversation features and even work offline so that you can communicate without any interference.

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode (Android | iOS)

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode Google is one of the tech giants that applied machine learning to translation which is an outstanding program. Their software Google Translate / Google Assistant has a tool that can detect what the language is and translate it instantly to the local language, also a user-friendly interface. Features:
  • Offline translation
  • Text Translation- Over 108 languages
  • Camera Text Translation- 38 languages
  • Two-way Automatic Speech Translation- 108 languages
  • Handwriting Input- 52 languages
  • Conversation Mode- Over 52 languages and 95 translations for handwriting
  • Allows users to download language packs for offline use
  • Romanization for Chinese and Japanese
Price: Free  

iTranslate (Android | iOS)

iTranslate iTranslate is one of the most sophisticated translate tool that you can find on the App Store and Google Play. The most interesting feature they have is their option to select dialects of a certain language and writes out the pronunciation of words in English. As for the iTranslate voice to voice translation, users will have to pay $5.22 to be free from ads that might interrupt your conversation every once in a while. Features:
  • Text Translation- Over 100 languages
  • Voice Translation- Over 100 languages for online translation and 4 languages for offline translation
  • Camera Text Translation
  • Language/Country "Dialect" Pairing
Price: Basic Free | Premium $5.22  

myLanguage (iOS)

myLanguage myLanguage translator and learning features will enable you to do more than just express yourself with another language, also has two flavors which are basic and pro version. They are known as one of the translator apps that provides the most accurate and diverse translation, also their app has a function that encourages the users to rate and give suggestions for certain words, phrases, and sentences. Once the rating or suggestion has been submitted through the app, their patent-pending hybrid translation engine will process the request into a software translation database resulting in the outstanding translation. If you plan to learn a language as you go, this is the perfect app for you. The simplicity and it's easy-to-use interface gives a fun learning experience not only for travelers but also for students. Features:
  • Basic Version- 59 languages only
  • Pro Version- Additional 31 languages
  • Accurate and appropriate translations to 55 languages (Pro Version)
  • Language/Country "Dialect" Pairing
Price: Basic Free | Premium $9.99  

Microsoft Translator (Android | iOS)

Microsoft Translator Microsoft only a few languages compared to other tech companies which are just a little more than 60 in total. But, it still stands out for its ability to translate multiple people simultaneously, also they offer both enterprise and consumer versions. Large corporations today like Twitter, WeChat, Bing, Yelp, and many more are using Microsoft Translator text API to offer multi-language support for their user-generated content. Features:
  • Text Translation- Over 60 languages for online and offline use
  • Camera Text Translation
  • Voice Translation
  • Split Screen Mode- For 2 participants having a bilingual conversation
  • Multi-Person Conversation- Have real-time conversations up to 100 people with different languages
  • Language/Country "Dialect" Pairing
Price: Free Avoid being confused or tongue-tied when you travel by downloading any of these apps after you have figured out where you want to go when you're going and who you're going with because a whopping 80 percent of people in the world don't speak English fluently. That's why the chances of language barrier while you travel overseas high, thanks to technology we'll be able to order the food we want where ever we go!