The Panic Attack During a Flight: How Can You Help Yourself?

The Panic Attack During a Flight: How Can You Help Yourself?

Travel Tips 2022-02-22
You'll probably agree that people divide into two categories: those who like traveling by air and those who are really scared of it. The thing is that such anxiety during a flight can lead to a panic attack, and here we're getting the following question: what to do in this situation, and how can we help ourselves?

If you'd like to know the answers, you've come to the right place. Our new article will give you some helpful tips, which will help you during your next trip. So let's not waste time and check!

Helpful tips: what to do if you have a panic attack during a flight?

If you know that you can have a panic attack during a flight, just always keep in mind our recommendations we described below:

Focus on a breathing exercise.

In Kevin Chapman's opinion, a clinical psychologist from Kentucky specializing in anxiety-related disorders, people who panic don't usually breathe from the diaphragm, leading to hyperventilation. That's why he recommends slowly inhaling through the nose for four or five seconds and then exhaling from the mouth for six seconds. To help yourself, you can put your hand on your stomach to feel the breath going in and out - try to count it out and repeat the cycle several times.

Besides, it's recommended to use particular apps in such a situation. The good examples will be Headspace and Calm. Actually, they also offer different breathing exercises to help you calm down.

Use cold water.

Here everything is pretty simple - you just need to shock your system with cold water. So there are many options to do it:
  • submerging a few fingers into the glass with cold water,
  • rubbing a cold compress on the back of your neck,
  • applying water to your neck,
  • drinking ice water,
  • splashing cold water on your face.
Actually, each of the methods works well.

Ask your doctor about the medication.

Panic attacks can also come out of nowhere. In this case, you can talk about it with your doctor and ask for a particular medication. It can be just anxiety medication or something more serious, such as a benzodiazepine. However, any pills require a consultation with a specialist, as each body needs individual medical care.

For some people, it actually works as follows: it's just much more comfortable when they know that their medication is nearby.

Some more helpful tips?

Apart from the recommendations in case of a panic attack during a flight, we would like to give you one more piece of advice. This information will be handy for those who prefer to travel by air.

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