Tipping Culture: How Much Should Travelers Tip in Different Countries?

Tipping Culture: How Much Should Travelers Tip in Different Countries?

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Tipping culture is developed in various ways in different countries. For example, a few tips aren't welcomed in the United States, and you'll undoubtedly hear lots of reproaches from a waiter, while in Japan, the money you've left might return to you because restaurant staff will think you'd forgotten it.

Want to know how much money tourists should leave after a great dinner in a restaurant in China, Japan, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Argentina, and India? If so, you've come to the right place. Our new article will tell you everything you need to know. So let's not waste time and get to the point!


For a long time in China, giving and accepting tips was forbidden - such actions were equated with a bribe.

To date, this tradition still hasn't settled in the country - locals don't leave tips at all. As for tourists, they can legally pay extra only to certain categories of service personnel: baggage handlers, bus drivers, and tour guides.


For the Japanese, it's appropriate to accept money only in two cases: for a funeral or a wedding. On other occasions, the offer may humiliate the person.

It's assumed the service provided is so impeccable that there is simply nothing to thank the employee additionally. In the restaurant business, acceptance of tips is ambiguous, and waiters are required to politely refuse the money offered and are even trained in this skill.


Since the middle of the last century, the country has had a law that includes the tips in the total bill. According to the lawmakers, this approach not only allows increasing the waiters' salaries but also reduces their dependence on the amount of money left as tips.

Nevertheless, the tips are still left in the service sector, but young people do it much less often than the country's older population.


Even though Switzerland has the highest minimum wage, leaving small tips is still customary. For example, the salary of an ordinary Swiss waiter exceeds four thousand dollars a month - the staff is enough to live quite a good life without the tips left by clients. Usually, the gratitude for the service depends on the amount not enough to the bill's so-called "round number."


Country attitude to tips is ambiguous. There is no outright ban on leaving money for the service industry, but the official government website does carry a hint: "Tipping is not a way of life." So you should draw the conclusion on your own.


In this country, since 2004, there has been a ban on the gratitude of waiters and maids expressed in cash. But, of course, tips are given to both, without flaunting it too much. At the same time, the amount of tips is not tiny at all, reaching 40% of a restaurant worker's salary.


Tipping is considered so normal here that it's already included in the bill in almost all restaurants. The size, as a rule, varies from 15% to 20%, so there is no need to thank the waiter who serves you. Special signs with the appropriate inscription warn visitors about this.

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