The Most Unusual Sweets to Try While Traveling

The Most Unusual Sweets to Try While Traveling

Food & Cafes & Restaurants 2022-03-16
It's not a secret that almost all people worldwide love sweets. However, each country can offer something different and unusual for its tourists.

So, for example, in the United States, you'll be able to taste donuts, but not usual - with a piece of the fried beacon. Sounds a bit strange, right? But actually, there are always people who really love something that others consider disgusting.

Today's article will tell you about some of the most unusual variations, as well as name the countries where it's possible to find them. So let's not waste time and check!


The most popular sweet in the country is a deep-fried chocolate bar - you can find it in any café or restaurant. However, deep-fried Snickers or Mars is not the most surprising thing you can taste there. Scottish also fry ice cream. By the way, the kids love it so much.


Surprisingly, the sophisticated human mind can make a dessert even from a chicken breast! Tavuk Göğsü consists of shredded chicken mixed with rice, sugar, milk, flour, and butter. In the end, the mousse is topped with cinnamon and almond powder.

South America

This dessert, Cherpumple, is a mix of the culinary traditions of locals and European colonists, as well as the perfect solution for those who haven't figured out yet what their favorite flavor is. It's a mix of apple, cherry, and pumpkin cake. The sweets are layered and held together with a frosting made of cream cheese. Then the product is baked in the oven. The output is a dish with a caloric content of up to two thousand kilocalories per serving.


The local ethnic sweet of Malay cuisine looks like a bean noodle soup with a green color. Actually, the noodles are made from rice and represent a jelly product floating in a broth of coconut milk. The beans are made with chocolate, and sometimes ice cream or durian can also be added to the whole dish. To be true, it's delicious and very flavorful - East Asia is full of surprises.

Sweet tooth, we've prepared some helpful tips for you!

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