The Museum of Jurassic Technology: The Weirdest and Most Exciting Place at Once Worldwide

The Museum of Jurassic Technology: The Weirdest and Most Exciting Place at Once Worldwide

Museums 2022-03-29
Let’s start with the name of the museum. Actually, such a thing as Jurassic technology doesn’t unlikely exist - that geologic period ended 145 million years ago, well in advance the wheel, sliced bread, or smartphones. So it proves the suggestion that something is wrong with the Museum of Jurassic Technology. But if its namesake quite literally doesn’t exist, what’s actually this place in the city of Los Angeles about? Let’s deal with this question.

What is Jurassic Technology?

The answer to this question is much more difficult than you’ve expected. When you enter the museum and pay $10, you’ll be faced with a scale model of Noah’s Ark. Well, you may think that it's kind of a religious thing. However, it’s not actually true.

After that, you’ll see a quite expressive Megolaponera foetens, enclosed in glass a few feet away from that biblical vessel. There, it’s described as the “stink ant of the Cameroon of West Central Africa.” By the way, using a mobile phone in the museum is forbidden, so when you google said specimen after leaving, you’ll find out that such a species doesn’t really exist. Probably, that’s for the best, as the description says the poor creature’s mind is eventually subsumed by the spores of a parasitic fungus that leads it to an early death brought on by ceaseless tree-climbing. So if this place isn’t about dinosaurs and other species that may or may not be real, then about what?

It’s enough to say that the stink ant of the Cameroon of West Central Africa is not the only one invention of the museum. Actually, the names of its exhibits sound much more convincing than in any other actual gallery. For example, how do you find such names as “Tell The Bees: Belief, Knowledge & Hypersymbolic Cognition” or “Athanasius Kircher: The World Is Bound With Secret Knots”? The unique feature of this museum is to provoke such emotions as curiosity and wonderment, as well as force you to make a try to figure out MJT itself.

What else can you find there?

Be ready that strangeness will follow you from room to room. Below you’ll find a short guide about what to see in the museum of Jurassic Technology to cover the most unusual and exciting:
  1. Actually, apart from many pretty weird things, you’ll also find something deeply moving there - it’s an exhibit dedicated to the Soviet space dogs. “The Lives of Perfect Creatures” is the most sincere corner of the museum, which tells the tragic story of Laika and other Russian dogs who unwittingly gave their lives so that man could learn more about the space. Be sure that the oil portraits of said pups will truly impress you, so you’ll never forget that story.
  2. The adjacent Tula Tea Room also must be visited, for a mid-visit palate cleanser. There you’ll be able to taste Georgian black tea with cookies and see with your own eyes a rotating series of short films in the Borzoi Kabinet Theater.
  3. Finally, we recommend you finish your experience with the tranquil third-floor terrace, where you'll be joined by dozens of doves. Those birds have lived there much longer than you, but any secrets they've learned in that time will never be shared.

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