Best CRM Softwares for Travel Agencies

Best CRM Softwares for Travel Agencies

CRM 2020-06-23
If your business revolves around the travel industry, imagine how an online airport parking system would bring more convenience to the travelers and their companions. If done right, it will surely lower overhead costs, which would result in cheap airport parking fees. Who would say no to a discounted airport parking payment, right? But of course, establishing an efficient online parking system requires a huge and organized data, of which a CRM could be of help.

What is CRM and how does it work?

A CRM or Constituent Relationship Management platform is a software that utilizes an advanced data technology to analyze the details and spending patterns of your customers. It can also help you organize your marketing, finance, sales, and customer service in order to retain past customers and attract new ones. Compared to collecting manual customer’s details, the CRM platform is a better alternative. If you're looking for the best one to further grow your travel agency, you can choose from the top 5 CRM platforms below:

5 Best CRM Softwares for Travel Agencies


OTRAMSOnline Travel Reservation and Management System known as (OTRAMS) is an application tool that is mainly used for hotel reservations, transfers, travel and tours, car rentals, and other booking services. It also enables inventory management, accounting, and customer service which make your work done at the utmost convenient time. Many business travel agencies choose OTRAMS because this software offers a free trial. They also provide in-person training with unlimited live coaching.

2. Keap

KeapKeap is specifically for service providers, small business owners, and even those in the early stage of growth to take the business to the next level. It is an automated sales process that offers a live demo with their business experts and a campaign strategy guide for new users so that the tool user will be guided throughout from the beginning of the business revenue. With keap dashboard, you can easily tap on your leads so you can effectively manage your day-to-day tasks, invoices, and appointments. You are able to see the value of paid outstanding invoices and some recommendations for quick actions as well.

3. TourCMS

TourCMS TourCMS is used by hundreds of local businesses to enable them to manage bookings from multiple tour operations. TourCMS could ultimately help you deliver better information and excellent service to your valued customers. It’s a simple platform but a flexible online booking engine that requires a minor configuration effort for longer automation goals. You can create an account for free with 2 channels and 25 bookings in total but the only thing is that the trial is limited to 10 tours and activities.

4. Netsuite

NetsuiteNetsuite provides sales support for small and mid-sized businesses. It is software that helps scale products for larger organizations. The maturity of the product itself brings proven and matured solutions to your customers. But be aware of this product because this could be the biggest risk in regards to complex orders and heavy typed projects. would be okay for a small and mid-sized organization but if you have a strong bandwidth or a larger scale this could be very difficult to implement.

5. Capsule

CapsuleCapsule CRM is a fast and simple contact management database that enables small and midsized organizations to keep track of their business. It is cheaper than its competitors but can help scale your business 10x. It allows you to immediately configure every stage of sales processes without having multiple extra steps. The capsule is available on a monthly basis subscription for all your solution needs.

Final Thoughts

If you are a travel agency owner, a CRM would be a big help for you to assist your customers as well as to save their complete data in order to better help you with your marketing strategy. This will not only add convenience on your part but most especially to your customers.