2 Most Dangerous Beaches Across the Globe

2 Most Dangerous Beaches Across the Globe

Beaches 2022-06-18 ParkingNearAirports.io
Usually, when we speak about beaches, something enjoyable comes to our minds – something that reminds us of summer, crashing waves, and loud seagulls. However, we shouldn't forget that mortal danger is often a neighbor to the beauty of nature. Today we're going to tell you about the 2 most dangerous beaches across the globe, where the rest coexists with life-threatening risks. So let's not waste time and get to the point!

North Sentinel Island: Quick Death

North Sentinel Island is located in the middle of the Andaman Islands which are east of India. Its residents – Sentinelese – are the least friendly nations worldwide. There, a population census has never been conducted, so the total number, society structure, and many other things still remain a secret for everyone.

Supposedly, Sentinelese don't use fire, and their hostility to foreigners is connected with the experience of English and Portuguese colonization in the past. The Hindus, who control the island, don't try to change the locals' traditional way of life, and advise visitors to do the same – after all, everyone wants to stay alive, right?

Somewhere Near Australia: Invisible Death

This island – the largest sandy one on the planet – is located a few hundred miles east of Australia and is unusually picturesque. Even though the Pacific coast is kind of a huge beach there, experienced travelers recommend not to go into the water beyond the shoreline. Why, you may ask?

The thing is that the waters there are home to a vast colony of cube-shaped jellyfish, including Irukandji – a sea creature, whose body is virtually colorless and whose tentacles are up to a meter long. The encounter with Irukandji is undesirable, as it leads to several unpleasant consequences.

The poison the Irukanji's limbs are imbued with is quite insidious. While its effects are barely noticeable in the first few seconds, a minute later the poisoned individual faces a host of symptoms, including head and muscle pain, cramps, vomiting, increased anxiety and accelerated heart rate. In most cases, unfortunately, everything ends with a painful death.

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