Tips to Stay Safe on a Road Trip During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tips to Stay Safe on a Road Trip During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Covid-19 2020-10-20
Going for a long drive during the Coronavirus outbreak? Then, you should plan your road trip properly and santinitze regularly to lower your risk of contracting the virus. The holidays are already in full swing, and a lot of people are hitting the road despite the pandemic. According to the Expedia 2020 Summer Report, which polled more than 1,000 people about their plans this season, at least 85% of Americans are planning to take a road trip. They said that they want a change of scenery and have a desire to enjoy the outdoors. Consider these tips first before hitting the road. These precautions will help you stay safe and lower your risk of getting infected while traveling.

Plan your trip

Preparation is key, especially nowadays. You may have done long road trips in the past, but because of the pandemic, you need to take your planning to the next level. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that you ask these questions while planning your trip:
  • Is the COVID-19 spreading in the area you’re going to visit or around your community?
  • Do you have an underlying condition that might increase your risk of getting infected? How about a loved one returning home?
  • Can you keep a 6-foot distance between yourself and other people at your destination and during the road trip?
  • Does the destination require visitors to quarantine themselves for 14 days after arriving?
Before departing, also make sure that your vehicle is in good shape. If you’re concerned, consider having it inspected or fixed. Map out the roadways, too, and be aware of relevant travel advisories.

Pack and Sanitize

Get your supplies in order, including disposable gloves, hand sanitizers, tissues, disinfecting wet wipes, sealable plastic bags, and other products that will keep surfaces and your hands clean and virus-free. Wear masks, too. This is very important, especially if you’re in public places where you won’t be able to maintain social distancing. Other things that you should bring are stashes of snacks and water.


If you’re looking for dine-in service, the restaurants in Colorado and Maryland are now open. However, you need to fall in line or make advanced reservations as only a few number of guests are allowed to eat inside. Drive through and take-outs, on the other hand, are already available in most states. These includes fastfoods and coffee shops like McDonald’s and Starbucks. Sleeping Call the hotel ahead if you’re going to stay overnight. It’s better to make reservations earlier to decrease the hassle. Some of the major chains that are now open for business include Hilton. Best Western, and Hyatt.