Travel Guide: Everything You Should Know About Traveling with Four-Legged Friends

Travel Guide: Everything You Should Know About Traveling with Four-Legged Friends

Traveling with Pets 2022-10-09
For many people, pets are an essential part of their families, so why exclude them from the family vacation? Traveling together with your four-legged friends in tow is becoming a rule. Approximately 37% of pet owners take their little buddies on trips (up from just 19% a decade ago). As a result of this trend, accommodations and air hubs are becoming more pet-friendly, making it much simpler to travel with your four-legged friend. Before you book your tickets, here are things you should know about traveling with your pets. Let's get started!

1. Find Lodging That Accepts Pets

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While many hotels and Airbnbs allow pets, you should double-check this before booking a place. Pets may only weigh up to 40 pounds in some places. Some companies reject particular dog breeds. Others may only allow cats or one pet instead of two. Make sure your particular pet will be welcomed by doing some research.

2. Update Your Vaccinations

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Ensure that your pet has received all necessary vaccinations, and keep the documentation with you at all times. You must have a current rabies vaccination certificate in order to enter the United States if you have a dog and are flying back from a place where rabies is a serious threat. While cats can enter the United States without a recent rabies vaccination, many other states do. Your veterinarian can provide you with advice on what you'll need there. Visit the veterinarian well in advance of your trip in case your pet has any additional medical problems that need to be taken care of. Additionally, create a list of local veterinary hospitals and clinics in case an emergency arises.

3. Tread Cautiously

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Every pet owner's biggest nightmare comes true when their little buddy gets lost in a strange city. Sadly, it occurs far too frequently. In the United States, ten million pets go missing each year, and many of these mishaps involve travel.

Ideally, you won't experience this, but be ready just in case. Get your pet a collar with your phone number on it (not a landline, but your cell phone or another phone you'll carry on the trip). Make certain that your pet is microchipped and that the information on the microchip is accurate and up to date. This microchip can be scanned to retrieve your information from vets and animal shelters. Finally, keep a recent photo of your pet close at your fingertips.

4. Check That Your Pet is Accepted

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How are you reaching there and where are you heading? Check that both locations welcome your pet. Even though they're emotional support animals, some species are prohibited from traveling on airplanes (hedgehogs, reptiles, etc.). Animals like sugar gliders are banned in several states, like California. Go online and investigate your travel route and destination to ensure that your pet will be accepted.

5. Make a Trip Plan and Prepare Supplies

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Plan where you'll stop along the way if you're traveling by auto. Choose rest locations that offer spaces for your pet to use the restroom, roam around, consume water, and eat food. Pack some bags to clean up their messes as well.

Make completely sure your pet can stand up and turn around in the crate. To aid reduce the stress that comes with traveling, pack a blanket that smells familiar. Your pet must remain in the backseat and the crate while you're driving. Your pet will be far safer in the crate in the event of an accident than if they were allowed to roam free inside your car. Additionally, you won't be as distracted by them.

What else ought you bring for your animal? A leash, harness, collar, bed or blanket, food, water, bowls, snacks, toys, medications and dietary supplements, a brush, baby wipes, toenail clippers, old towels, a first aid kit, vaccines records, bags, and puppy pads or a disposable litter box should all be brought along.

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