Precautions when traveling by car

Precautions when traveling by car

Covid-19 2020-10-20
A lot of Americans plan to travel during the holidays, which can pose a great risk to their health. The coronavirus pandemic is not finished yet. So, when you’re planning to travel by car to return home or go to other places to unwind, you should be careful and apply different safety precautions first. Take a look at these safety tips below:

Tip #1: Determine how long has hotel room been occupied

Most hotels have cleaning protocols, but it’s still important for you to know if it’s been occupied before and how long. The virus can linger in the air, so be cautious and make sure that the room has been occupied for more than 3 days. Three days is a reasonable amount of time to assume that the COVID-19 virus has died off. On the other hand, if the receptionist can’t answer your question, you should look for another hotel.

Tip #2: Avoid crowded places

In many hotels, common amenities like restaurants and pools are still closed. If you want to minimize your risks, you should avoid a lot of interactions with other people in the area. One thing is to check in and out at off hours.

Tip #3: Create a dining contingency strategy

Outdoor dining is more preferred than indoor dining nowadays. This is because indoor transmission is possible. On the other hand, if outdoor options aren’t allowed or are already on full capacity, you should just consider your own risk tolerance.

Tip #4: Don’t ignore restaurant chains

Whether you like it or not, a lot of major restaurant chains have enforced social distancing and wearing of masks inside their stores. This is to keep everyone safe, including travelers, so you should follow these protocols, too, to avoid the virus or lower the chances of infecting others.

Tip #5: Always wash your hands

If you need to use the bathroom while traveling, then use it. Don’t get paranoid and think that you might get infected. Restrooms in fastfood chains, restaurants, and gas stations are safe to use - they are sanitized well. But to keep yourself safe 100%, you should always wash your hand with water and soap twice - before and after leaving the facility.

Tip #6: Keep hand sanitizers in your car

You can’t avoid gas stations when traveling by car. So, if you’re filling up your gas tank, you should sanitize your hands once done. Washing your hands is also a good option, but if there’s no bathroom available, sanitizing can also help. Always keep a hand sanitizer in your car and bag.

Tip #7: Wear a mask

Always follow this tip wherever you go. This is to keep you and everyone safe from COVID-19.