9 Airport Life Hacks: How Can We Avoid Overpaying at the Airports?

9 Airport Life Hacks: How Can We Avoid Overpaying at the Airports?

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Not just the airlines are actually interested in nickel-and-dime you out of every last cent. When it comes to robbing you blind just because you're on holiday, all airports throughout the country have teamed up, if not overtly collaborated. Avoid going overboard with your spending at the airports – here's how to save a lot of cash on your next vacation. Let's get to it!

1. Be Cautious When Purchasing Snacks

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Avoid giving in to the desire to overpay for sandwiches, sodas, and chips at the airport. Pack food that travels well and won't cause problems in the security line, such as trail mix and granola bars, for a speedier, healthier, and less expensive alternative.

2. Take an Empty Water Bottle

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One of the secrets to a great trip is to stay hydrated while traveling. While it's prohibited to bring drinks into the terminal, it's permitted to bring an empty bottle that can be filled after passing through security. If you travel frequently, invest in any portable, reusable, and robust bottle that will help you survive in the peak travel months during the summer and not only.

3. At Home, Copy Your Boarding Pass

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It saves both time and money in every situation if you're flying Spirit (who charges $2 or $5 for each pass) or other international low-cost airlines.

4. Buy Your Souvenirs Somewhere Else

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Anywhere else! Airport stores charge designer store prices for goods that may be found at Wal-Mart. Do you really need the keychain with the smiling leprechaun on it, let's face it? Spend some time looking for memorable things at the end of your journey, or even better, gather souvenirs while you go. Waiting until the last minute doesn't really pay off while shopping at the airport.

5. Purchase Your Journals and Books in Advance

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Airport bookshops never give large discounts, so unless you prepare in advance, you'll have to pay full price for the newest bestseller. If you don't want to carry the extra weight, take your own copy or download an electronic version.

6. Read and Return

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Find a store run by Paradies if you have to buy a book right away. This retail business features a novel read-and-return policy that lets you buy a book at one location and return it within six months to get 50% of your purchase money back. It actually operates out of 75 airports in the United States and Canada.

7. Add Additional Suitcases

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Actually, no. Spreading your luggage across two bags rather than packing it all into one may make sense, even after taking into account the standard second-checked-bag cost. Your first checked bag will typically cost $25, and your second will cost $35, for a total of $60 on the majority of major domestic carriers. The price of single overweight luggage ranges from $90 to $400. Therefore, while packing little to minimize bag fees is the greatest recommendation, appropriately distributing your baggage comes in at a close second.

8. Choose Routes with Few Stops in Between

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Even the most seasoned traveler can fall into the allure of airport food and shopping during a long layover. When you're hungry or simply bored, good judgment is out the window. Opt for shorter connections on domestic flights so all you'll need for entertainment is a granola bar or some peanuts.

9. Avoid Paying for Wi-Fi

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Seriously, stop doing it. You're on vacation, and Wi-Fi in airports is generally awful. Unplug! When you return, the world will still be there.

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