Spirit Airlines Attempts to Minimize Its Awful Flight Experience

Spirit Airlines Attempts to Minimize Its Awful Flight Experience

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Soon, the airline will unite with JetBlue Airways (which is a completely different kind of discount air carrier). Today's article tells you everything you need to know about that – let's have a look at the situation together.

Why are flights so terrible now? And why do people actually choose Spirit?

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Currently, no one likes flying since the experience is awful. Too many delays, cancellations, and impolite passengers, as well as too many people removing their shoes while flying. However, we keep on flying because we have no other option. Are we expected to travel on foot for the holidays to our hometown?

Thus, nobody enjoys flying. However, Spirit Airlines isn't particularly popular with passengers. Even while it wouldn't be accurate to label them as the worst airline, 69% of tweets about Spirit were unfavorable, according to a study of airline social media mentions.

As we've already stated, Spirit Airlines offers nothing – its only selling feature is that it provides the most affordable airfares available, frequently at prices that are less expensive than a luxury restaurant's dinner.

However, anything else, such as basic drinks and food like soda and snacks, extra legroom, confirming your ticket to ensure you are next to your travel companion, and frequently even printing out a boarding permit, must be paid for. You will even be charged for water. All of it can easily add up to at least the cost of an average airline ticket.

Recently, JetBlue outbid Frontier Airlines to acquire Spirit, and if authorities accept the deal, Spirit's current rock-bottom status might change. All of that is yet to come, and it's unclear what will actually occur. However, Spirit has made one adjustment for the time being, which should make flying at least a bit more comfortable.

Spirit will slightly lessen the pain of flying

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According to The Points Guy, Spirit has provided information regarding its next fleet of Airbus A320neo aircraft that will be furnished with Haeco's Vector Light and Vector Premium seats.

Traditionally, Spirit's Big Front Seat, which provides more legroom, is available for a higher price. The new Big Front Seat will have a seat back that's bigger and greater padding, as well as about an inch more pre-recline.

Aisle and window seats will be 17.5 inches wide, while middle seats will be 18.5 inches wide – a half-inch increase – on the new Airbuses' less expensive economy seats. Every inch counts, so those in the middle now have a little more room on both sides. It's said that the seats feature additional padding.

The curved seat backs, which Spirit shares provide around two additional inches of space around the knees compared to typical designs, will remain a feature of the seats.

Additionally, the headrests in the economy seats have undergone some design changes to make them a little bit roomier. However, here's what The Points Guy notes:
"Unfortunately, passengers still cannot raise or lower the headrest, nor does it have wings for added neck support while nodding off."
This facelift is intended for the 33 brand-new aircraft that will be delivered by January. There are no plans to modify any current aircraft.

The airline isn't going to stop being Spirit

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The extra inches may be appreciated by certain customers, but Spirit is still going to Spirit.

The seats don't recline and don't have any power outlets or USB ports. Additionally, avoid even bringing up food or drinks because the rule hasn't changed.

Moreover, all Spirit seats are slimline, which many travelers find unpleasant for lengthy flights, as The Points Guy reported.

To be fair, Spirit has also recently finished a fleet-wide Wi-Fi rollout, so it could be able to divert your attention while you're flying.

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