5 TSA Rules You Must Be Aware of

5 TSA Rules You Must Be Aware of

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No one enjoys being delayed at airport security if someone missed removing their shoes. By being aware of the guidelines in advance, you can help the procedure move forward more quickly. We'll concentrate on a few less well-known TSA rules since it's likely that you already know the basics. With the help of these suggestions, you'll breeze through security and be at your gate in enough time. So let's not waste time and get to the point together!

Which TSA regulations are worth your special attention?

1. Inspection of the undeveloped film is required

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You might decide to use an old-fashioned film camera to document your unforgettable trip because they have made a great comeback. Unfortunately, a lot of people have complained about how TSA agents either opened the content or pushed it through the X-ray machine, ruining their undeveloped film. Request a physical inspection of the film at the start of the screening process to prevent damaging your camera film and losing priceless photos. A nearby officer at the security checkpoint can help you if you let them know (before your luggage is placed on the belt).

2. Solid meals are allowed in carry-ons

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Are you returning from vacation with special snacks or your beloved cookies? No issue. Solid food may be carried on by the TSA. The administration does specify that to comply with the liquid standards, any non-solid foods must first be placed in a sealed container before being packed in a quart-sized bag. You can now bring nearly any form of non-perishable food with you because the regulations on food in carry-ons have been more lenient over the years. Visit the food section of the TSA website for information on quantities and limits.

3. Medicines and prescriptions are permitted

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Have you ever questioned whether you needed to pack your medication in the original bottle when you were traveling? The TSA is aware of this and has established guidelines for bringing drugs on airplanes. As long as your checked or carry-on luggage passes the necessary screening, you may pack as much as you need. If you're taking a liquid prescription, divide it into a 3.4-ounce bottle and tell the officer at the checkpoint. Be sure to check before leaving home because certain jurisdictions have regulations mandating prescription labels on medications.

4. Costly jewelry must likely stay on

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We have excellent news for travelers who enjoy dressing up: the TSA really prefers you leave your diamonds and other pricey jewelry on at the screening checkpoint. As a result, pricey objects are kept from being stolen from the trash or misplaced while being screened. By doing this, you'll save the TSA some time and safeguard your goods. You might be requested to remove jewelry if it's particularly huge or heavy in metal, but generally speaking, you're permitted to wear it throughout.

5. Plants are allowed aboard airplanes

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The TSA allows plants on planes, so if you love plants or are bringing one as a present, there's no need to mail it and pay the freight. You can travel with your plant as long as it fits neatly in the overhead compartment or beneath your seat. So, yeah, the Arizona airport gift shop sells that gorgeous cactus. Check your state's laws, nevertheless, to make sure you aren't transporting an outlawed plant across state lines before you fly. Occasionally, limits may be imposed because of particular insects or plant diseases.

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