Etiquette Recommendations for Those Traveling to Europe

Etiquette Recommendations for Those Traveling to Europe

Traveling to Europe 2023-02-10

There are unwritten guidelines that you must abide by if you want to avoid upsetting your hosts in Europe if you're planning a holiday there. You should comply with these helpful etiquette recommendations for a stress-free journey because different cultures uphold various rules. Let's get to the point!

What rules should you always keep in mind while traveling to Europe?

1. Make sure you greet people properly

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Different traditions apply to welcoming friends and strangers in different parts of Europe. In the UK, for example, a handshake may be extended to you, but between friends, a kiss on the cheek is becoming more common. The French custom of "faire la bise" (kissing the cheek) is still prevalent today in most other European nations. There should be at least two kisses, or even four, but the kiss is made in the air with a loud smacking sound. Men often only kiss women, whereas women typically kiss everyone. If you're uncertain, shake hands instead to avoid offending anyone.

2. Don't anticipate rushing your meals

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In many cafes in North America, prompt service is typical; nevertheless, in Europe, the opposite is true. In Europe, in turn, snatching a plate away as soon as a diner puts down their knife and fork would be regarded as the height of impoliteness. Dining out is a special experience that should never be hurried through. If you truly need to leave right away, let your waiter know when they arrive to take your drink order and ask for the bill at the same time so you won't have to wait long after you finish eating.

3. Avoid overtipping

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In Europe, tipping is not a big problem. If you're eating out, it's typical to add 10% to the cost, but it's uncommon to add more, and you won't have to if a service fee has been included in your bill, as is the custom in Italy. Round up your cab fee or give a guide a tip if they went above and beyond. However, if you want to fit in, skip the gratuity while placing an order for drinks in a British bar. Since expectations differ greatly from one country to the next, it's a good idea to ask your concierge what is typical.

4. Before boarding, let passengers off public transportation

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The subway systems in Europe are packed. Even though the following train is only a few minutes late, nobody wants to miss their train, therefore it's best to wait until everyone has boarded before entering. To help you stand in the proper spot, some station platforms have colored feet painted on them. A similar technique is helpful when riding Europe's crowded trams and buses, some of which have separate doors for boarding and disembarking passengers. Copy a local if you're unsure.

5. Don't enquire locals rudely and disrespectfully

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In the majority of Europe, it's considered rude to inquire about someone's income. Even teammates on the same squad might not be aware of each other's salaries. It's perfectly acceptable to inquire about someone's occupation, but it's rude to inquire about their riches and goods. Politics and religion should also never be discussed in public. It's normal to be curious when exploring a new culture, and after getting to know you more, locals may even bring up these subjects. But when you first meet someone, refrain from asking rude or intrusive questions. Make a statement on the weather if you're having trouble coming up with a topic of conversation, but don't forget to adjust your temperatures to Celsius first.

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