Latest News: 2022 Saw Another Increase in Passenger Flow at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

Latest News: 2022 Saw Another Increase in Passenger Flow at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

News 2023-03-08

According to records published on Monday, January 30th, over 31 million passengers traveled through Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in 2018 – that's actually an increase of roughly 25% compared to 2021.

Based on the Metropolitan Airports Commission statement, which oversees MSP, this means that the airport's 2022 flight traffic will be almost 79% of the record-breaking, pre-pandemic 2019 when it saw close to 40 million passengers. Nevertheless, in 2022 there were more than twice as many passengers as there were in 2020 when MSP served just under 15 million people.

In 2021, Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport handled about 25 million passengers.

Last year, air carriers operated nonstop flights from MSP to 145 locations, up from 137 in 2021. Several services were new, while others had been put on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic and had since been restarted.

In a release, MAC CEO Brian Ryks said the following:

"Our comeback over the past year contained several bright spots, emphasized by continuous development of domestic routes and a strong return in international service. We're delighted that companies have already launched new destinations and flight frequencies for 2023 and that they're continuing to use larger aircraft with more passengers carried to satisfy rising demand out of MSP as we work to further reduce the gap to pre-pandemic passenger figures."

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According to a different press release issued earlier in the month, the busiest times at MSP last year were around school breaks and holidays. The two days with the most travelers were the autumn MEA weekend, which had around 82,000 travelers between October 19th and October 20th. The busiest days also happened to fall on spring break days.

Last year, passenger airlines accounted for the great majority of flights departing from MSP. In 2022, a modest increase from 741 the previous year, 756 of those flights took off or landed at the airport on average per day.

The top airlines at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, according to market share, were the same as in prior years – Delta Air Lines held around 71% of the airport's passenger market share, followed by locally headquartered Sun Country Airlines, with about 11%. The third-place finisher with 4.6% was American Airlines Group Inc.

Starting in 2023, MSP is seeing a total of 358 departures each day, based on a report from MAC. A bid proposal for MAC's ticketing and baggage claim lobby was also issued at the beginning of the year, with a deadline of February 14th. "Baggage claim/ticket lobby operational upgrades" are funded in part by more than $45 million in MAC's general fund for 2022-2028.

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