Things You Should Know: Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport's Name Origin

Things You Should Know: Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport's Name Origin

Airports 2023-03-10

Many of us don't give much thought to the airport's name as we rush to check in, go through security, and board our aircraft. However, it's quite odd, isn't it? Many are named for figures who made vital contributions to their towns. Below, you'll find the story behind the name of the major airport in the country – Louis Armstrong Airport, which is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. So let's not waste time and take a closer look at all the key details together!

How did Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport actually get its name?

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Nowadays, rebranding an airport is pretty expensive. Redesigning signage, stationery, and other things can cost millions of dollars. However, there are instances when a solid cause simply cannot be ignored, and in 2001, New Orleans came to the conclusion that the biggest jazz name was one such reason. The airport was renamed in honor of Louis Armstrong, who was born in the city in 1901, as part of the 100th-anniversary celebrations. Of course, it's not Satchmo's only privilege. Many of his most well-known songs, including What a Wonderful World, Mack the Knife, and Hello, Dolly, are included in the Grammy Hall of Fame. Remarkably, only Hello, Dolly brought him a Grammy. The Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award was posthumously given to the legendary trumpeter and singer in 1972.

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