United States Airports With Pre-Travel COVID-19 Testing Facilities

United States Airports With Pre-Travel COVID-19 Testing Facilities

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Different airports and airlines are still doing their best to put travelers at ease - after the COVID-19 pandemic literally locked down air travel for months. And with COVID test results becoming almost as essential as your flight ticket or passport this year, the travel industry has used testing as one of the ways to woo customers. Here are some of the most popular airports that offer pre-travel COVID-19 testing for their passengers before flying:

Arizona Airports

The Governor of Arizona has ordered the state’s Department of Health Services to create arrangements for coronavirus testing in their airports. Some of these airports include Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, Tucson International Airport, and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The testing will be available onsite for passengers departing and traveling from these airports once all of the arrangements are done.

Bradley International Airport

When you show a copy of your boarding pass at the Bradley International Airport, you can get the coronavirus testing done at the airport. But if you want to make advanced preparations, it is recommended to pre-register for the COVID-19 test online. You will be charged $125 for the test, which is performed at the airport’s Parking Lot 3.

Alaska Airports

Ted Stevens Anchorage, Ketchikan Airport, Juneau International Airport, and 7 other airports in Alaska offer onsite coronavirus testing. This test is part of Alaska’s entry requirement, so you really need to provide proof. You can either take a COVID-19 test upon arrival at the airport or provide proof that your coronavirus test result is negative. If you’re an Alaska resident, you don’t need to pay for any fees. But if you’re only a visitor, you will be charged $259 for the test.

San Francisco International Airport

Travelers can get a rapid PCR test at the San Francisco Airport on the day of travel for $250 if you’re flying on United Airlines to Hawaii. However, you need to make an appointment for the test first. The pre-travel COVID-19 testing offered by Hawaiian Airlines at San Francisco is via drive-thru nasal swab option. You can find it in the terminal’s main hall, and is open everyday from 8AM to 6PM.

Boston Logan International Airport

In the International Arrivals area, the Boston Logan International Airport has an XpresCheck COVID-19 testing facility that can be used by travelers going in and out of the airport. It can cater to more than 400 coronavirus tests per day, and allows passengers to choose from a PCR test, a blood antibody test, or a rapid molecular test - depending on the requirement of their destination. The state of Massachusetts requires nonresidents to provide a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 72 hour upon arrival.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

If you’re a passenger traveling from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport via the American Airlines, you may get a free coronavirus test. On the other hand, you will be charged with $249 for the rapid PCR test if you’re traveling from Dallas Fort Worth to Hawaii.

Oakland International Airport

Free, onsite COVID-19 testing is offered by Oakland International Airport for travelers going to Hawaii. Free tests will also be provided - by the airport - to the public, which is located at its North Field complex, from 9Am to 5PM. Other airports that offer pre-travel COVID-19 tests include Newark International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Tampa International Airport, Minneapolis Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Burlington International Airport.