COVID-19 Travel Safety Tips: How To Get Through Airport Security Faster

COVID-19 Travel Safety Tips: How To Get Through Airport Security Faster

Airports 2020-12-28
You have a good reason to get through the airport security faster if you’re flying somewhere next year. Airports are one of the major hubs for COVID-19 virus transmission, so travelers really need to be very cautious before flying and upon arrival. A senior systems scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, Yang Cai, said that since it is important for people to avoid packed areas that come with restrictions of space capacity, they are doing everything they can to keep out of long security lines, even as the TSA has implemented new protocols for airport screening. Yes, there  may be new social distancing measures implemented in every corner of different airports, but it doesn’t mean that they are risk-free. Travelers still need to put their luggage in bins, remove their face masks for identity verification, and sort their belongings. It’s quite a hassle. That’s why passengers are trying to cut the TSA line as quickly as possible. They dress right, know all the protocols, and pack light. However, there’s a lot more to it, which will be discussed below. Get Through The Airport Security Faster With These Tips:

Dress properly

It is important to dress properly when going to the airport. Always remember to not wear garments with any metallic trims or fibers. On top of that, you shouldn’t wear belts and jewelry, too. For instance, if you’re wearing cargo pants, make sure that it doesn’t have metallic buttons. Hats and jackets can also slow the screening process, since these clothes need to go in the bins. It’s better to pack them in your bags first.

Be prepared

Have your boarding pass, ID, and passport in hand and ready to go as soon as you get to the first security check. This will prevent you from slowing down and avoiding a line of people behind you who collectively groan in annoyance.

Pack light

If you want to get through the airport security faster, you need to pack smart. Having too much stuff will slow you down, so only take the things that are both compact and foldable. Bring blankets that can roll up, smaller versions of books, pillows that can fold - items that can make your traveling convenient. Always keep in mind that you may need to unpack your carry-on bag when you arrive at the screening area, so don’t put a lot of stuff in your luggage. Only bring the necessities.

Know the new protocols

Get to know the new rules if you’re going through a regular security line. Put your gels, liquids, and electronics on the tray. It’s also important to empty your water bottle before going to the screening area because it creates more delays.

Get a card

If you want to access a faster security line without passing the body scanner, you should consider TSA PreCheck. Applying for a CLEAR membership is also a good option as it can give you access to a preferred line - possibly a much shorter time around other people and in line. This alternative will also provide you with an opportunity to access faster immigration lines. However, if you're only traveling domestically, TSA PreCheck will do. It is very helpful, especially during peak times. And usually, your companions will also get “TSA Pre” on their boarding passes even if they don’t have PreCheck - they just need to book a flight under the same reservation as you.