Four Corners, USA: Be in Multiple Places at Once!

Four Corners, USA: Be in Multiple Places at Once!

Traveling Across the US 2023-10-03

Ever had that exhilarating sensation of straddling two different states or hopping between countries to capture those iconic dual-location photos? There's an innate wonder in the act of being present in multiple places simultaneously, almost as if you've unlocked the secrets of time travel. Now, discover a remarkable destination – Four Corners in the United States – that allows you to check off multiple bucket-list locations in a single visit. Let's get started!

What's special about the Four Corners Monument and its history?

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Located in the contiguous United States and recognized as the sole point where four states converge, the Four Corners region stands as an unforgettable landmark for those journeying out West. Ascending the Four Corners Monument grants you the unique privilege of declaring that you've trodden on the soil of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado, all in one fell swoop. Situated in proximity to numerous stunning national parks, the Four Corners adds a compelling dimension to any Western US road trip. Among these, the renowned Grand Circle route takes you on a seamless journey through the very states that converge at this crossroads.

Serving as the ancestral homeland of the Ancestral Puebloan People, also known as the Anasazi, the Four Corners now finds its residence within the Navajo Reservation. The vicinity surrounding the Four Corners Monument thrives with local artisans who gather in charming shops, offering an array of wares, from finely crafted leather goods to traditional Native American silverworks and jewelry. For a deeper dive into the rich Native American history of the region, consider a visit to Mesa Verde National Park, just an hour's drive away from the Four Corners. This park proudly houses one of the world's most impeccably preserved cliff dwellings, offering an illuminating glimpse into the past. where convenient travel begins!

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