The World's 3 Oldest Cities You Should Ever Visit

The World's 3 Oldest Cities You Should Ever Visit

States & Cities 2023-10-04

Envision life millennia ago, a challenge indeed. Ancient civilizations left remnants that offer intriguing glimpses into their worlds. The Middle East proudly boasts some of the world's oldest cities, rich in captivating ruins that stir the imagination. Dive into antiquity as we explore these 3 venerable cities, each a testament to bygone epochs. Let's get to the point together!

What oldest towns around the world are worth your special attention?

1. Varanasi, India

Source: Mohit Gupta/Unsplash

Nestled in northeastern India along the Ganges River, this city is not only one of the planet's oldest but also a treasury of ancient Hindu culture. Known as the spiritual heart of India, Varanasi has hosted civilizations for over 3,000 years. Legend traces its origins to Lord Shiva, dating back 5,000 years. Varanasi continues to draw pilgrims from Buddhism and Hinduism, who seek purification in the sacred Ganges at sunrise and sunset, amid ancient temples and transcendent rituals.

2. Aleppo, Syria

Source: Fadi Alagi/Unsplash

Aleppo, a city marred by recent conflict, bears evidence of possibly being the world's oldest city, with roots stretching 8,000 years into the past. Its architectural tapestry weaves a story of countless eras, featuring revered sites like the Citadel of Aleppo and the Great Mosque. Situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the Euphrates River, Aleppo thrived as a trading hub in early history. Today, despite its recent turmoil, the city's resilience and historical significance shine, with ongoing efforts to rebuild.

3. Byblos, Lebanon

Source: Daniel Tabet/Unsplash

Byblos, continuously inhabited since 5000 B.C., ranks among the world's oldest cities. Once a modest fishing village, it evolved into a bustling port renowned for its shipbuilding expertise. Byblos owes its name to its prized export, the papyrus tree, used for crafting paper and housing the earliest biblical writings. The word "Bible" finds its origins here. Byblos also contributed to our alphabet, etched onto King Ahiram's stone coffin around 1200 B.C. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Byblos juxtaposes ancient houses, Bronze Age temples, Persian fortifications, and Byzantine churches in a captivating tapestry of history.

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