Going on Vacation: 10 Ways to Pack Everything in Your Suitcase

Going on Vacation: 10 Ways to Pack Everything in Your Suitcase

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People who don't have hair stand up the day before vacation are either robots or travel light with a bag from Duty-Free.

Since most of us experience the same problem when going on vacation, we decided to collect all the rules of the ideal suitcase packing in one place. These illustrative examples will help you really squeeze an elephant into the trunk.

1. Stack your clothes on a roll, not in a pile

For clothes to be less crumpled and take up minimal space in the suitcase, it is better to roll them up tightly rather than stacking them on top of each other.

So a tiny suitcase can hold three pairs of shorts, pants and jeans, a skirt, two bathing suits, three summer sweaters, ten t-shirts, five shirts, and four dresses.

2. Use vacuum bags

Vacuum compression bags can help you transport bulky items, such as a jacket, children's clothes, children's stuffed animals, or bedding. And all these things with their help will take only a tiny part.

On the way back, you can put dirty things in these bags.

3. Master the Pyramid Principle

We put shoes along the sides of the suitcase, then lay long things such as pants or sundresses on the bottom full length so that the edges of the bag could cover all the clothes you packed. Then, on top of them, we put rolls of easily wrinkled clothes and then rolls of lighter clothes.

Finish the Pyramid with easily wrinkled things: cosmetics bags, documents, and fragile little things.

4. Say "No" to umbrellas

Do not carry your favorite umbrella cane on vacation and opt for a raincoat, which will take up minimal space in the suitcase. You can even buy a few disposable raincoats for travel and just throw them away after the rain.

5. Buy mini versions of beauty products

As much as we'd love to take all of our favorite tubes out of the house, we'll have to sacrifice them for other, more necessary items. So, for travel, buy mini versions of your favorite products.

6. Pack the little things correctly

Hide flash drives, notepads, hairpins, pantyhose, socks, and sunglasses separately inside your shoes, your cosmetic bag, the document folder, and suitcase pockets. Such little things as earrings and rings we put into the pillbox.

7. Stuffing pads for unique valuables

Rolled stacking method is not suitable for classic shirts, jackets, and cocktail dresses if you want to bring them in a decent state. For them, we'll take a duffel bag or garment bag, which can easily be hung on any hook on the plane or train.

8. Minimize pharmacy supplies

Do not try to squeeze the entire medicine cabinet into the suitcase. Instead, take one blister of each medication you need. It will be enough in case something suddenly starts to hurt somewhere.

It is convenient to put blisters in shoes wrapped in sandwich bags.

9. Don't leave any empty spaces

Even if you want to leave room for vacation souvenirs, you do not need to leave voids between things, or they will get very crumpled.

It is more convenient to fill the voids with small items of clothing or wrapping paper.

10. Discarding certain things

A laptop case, a camera case, a hairdryer, and travel guides can stay at home. We should wrap our laptop and cameras in a soft pareo or hoodie, take the hairdryer in the hotel, and save the guides in electronic format.

Flip-flops for the beach, diving glasses, sunscreen, children's toys, and a straw hat are not dragged along and bought on the spot.

What else should you keep in mind?

When planning a trip, it is essential to think through all the nuances, including the luggage standards for air travel. Passengers who will look for a suitcase as hand luggage should study all the requirements and recommendations. That's why we also decided to tell you what suitcase is best to choose for hand luggage and how not to lug around the entire airport with a bunch of things.

Which suitcase should you choose for your carry-on luggage?

Before choosing a suitcase for hand luggage, you should consider the following: the organizations manufacturing suitcases and travel bags produce products that fit airline luggage standards. Therefore, most well-known manufacturers indicate the product's characteristics in a list of airlines under the dimensions of a particular suitcase.

Hand luggage products usually have 55 x 40 x 20 cm dimensions, as this is the most common permitted volume with air carriers. In addition, travel bags and suitcases can be measured in liters. For carry-on luggage, you should prefer luggage with a capacity of no more than 40 liters. This size will fit all the essentials for one traveler.

To choose the best carry-on suitcase, you should not focus only on appearance and cost. An important aspect is the product's material, which is selected, guided by personal preferences, and the trip's purpose. Listed below are the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular types:
  1. Fabric. Fabric is always easy to get dirty and difficult to clean. It is not uncommon to have to go to the dry cleaner to return the suitcase to a decent appearance. There is a high-quality, lightweight textile with a water-repellent coating, but it is expensive. But there are advantages: such luggage is easier to fit the standards of the frame when the size is slightly above the set limit. In addition, the lightest suitcases for hand luggage on the plane are made of fabric. Therefore, the final price of such luggage containers will be less than models made of other materials.
  2. Plastic. Plastic is an easy-care, suitable material. To clean it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth. There are models made of impact-resistant plastic. However, such a suitcase is much more expensive than a fabric model, even when the same manufacturer produces them. Among the disadvantages are scratches when damaged and initially more weight. If you prefer an inexpensive plastic suitcase, there is a chance that it will quickly fall into disrepair.
  3. Leather. Leather is a suitcase classic that only well-to-do people can afford. Suitcases made of leather look good but are not practical to use.
It should be kept in mind that a suitcase on wheels in hand luggage is better not to choose because the wheels take away proper volume and are taken into account when measuring the height. If the weight of 10 kg is difficult for the owner to carry in his hand, you can choose a backpack because the load is distributed on two shoulders. In addition, it is easy to pull it down with cords and straps, which will allow you to adjust the dimensions. The best suitcase for hand luggage is made of fabric, without wheels.

Before choosing the right suitcase for carry-on luggage, you should consider the following recommendations:
  • It is better to take a closer look at models initially oriented for transportation as hand luggage. Such a suitcase for air travel is made under the stated standards. It will pass the dimensions and easily fit into a special compartment for luggage in the cabin.
  • A bag or backpack for hand luggage should have the ability to adjust the size. When packing things that do not maximally fill the bag, it is better to leave some space. Then, if necessary, you can tighten the cords or straps and pass the control.
  • When planning a flight, study the carrier's website, check the luggage dimensions, and guide them.
  • Purchasing a suitcase in the online store, choose a retailer with a return policy. Upon receipt, fill the product to the limit and check if it is easy to move and lift.
Keep in mind that stricter rules apply for transit flights.

How to get to the airport without lugging heavy things around?

There are many ways to get to the airport from which you are due to depart: by public transport, cab, your car, etc. However, since the most common option is a car, and in this situation the most convenient, we want to give you some valuable tips.

If you are used to getting to the airport by your car, then probably every time you ask the same question: where can I leave my car and for how long? There is an answer to this question - you can always find parking at the airport for a week. However, such parking has one disadvantage - it costs quite a bit. That is why we offer you to consider another, more favorable option.

In addition to these parking lots, there are other - long-term parks around the airports. Even though they are usually a few miles from the airport, getting to the airport is very easy - you just need to take a shuttle at the right time, and it will take you straight to where you need to go. And the main advantage of this type of parking is that they are much cheaper. And for you, it will be pretty convenient - you just need to book a parking space on the long-term covered parking, leave your vehicle there, take a shuttle and go to the airport. Moreover, it turns out that you do not have to carry your suitcase.

You can find more information about the parking lots, their benefits and prices on our website.