Airplane Mode: Necessity or Myth? Your Travel Guide

Airplane Mode: Necessity or Myth? Your Travel Guide

Travel Guide 2023-10-10

Airplane travelers are familiar with the routine: seats upright, tray tables stowed, and all personal items secured before takeoff. Then comes the usual request to switch your phone to airplane mode. It's a common occurrence that may prompt you to question whether turning on airplane mode is truly necessary during a flight. Let's examine this more closely and find out the truth together!

What is actually airplane mode?

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Introduced two decades ago, airplane mode was designed to prevent cell phones from potentially interfering with airport radio towers. Its core function is to block cell tower signals, Wi-Fi connectivity, and GPS functions while allowing access to other smartphone features like music, podcasts, and games. This precaution is taken because the signals used for communication by pilots are often the same ones used for connecting phones to cell towers, raising concerns about potential interference when an entire plane full of smartphones tries to connect simultaneously with the aircraft's computer and display systems.

The consequences of neglecting airplane mode

The primary concern revolves around the airplane's onboard computer system, typically located deep within the aircraft. As air traffic control requires a constant, uninterrupted line of communication, there are concerns that cell phone signals could disrupt these sensitive systems. While it's not believed that they could cause actual harm, they could lead to delays and confusion for pilots. The critical phase for pilots to maintain this connection is during takeoff and landing when communications are vital and time-sensitive. Even the possibility of a cell phone signal interrupting a pilot during this critical phase led to the recommendation for passengers to switch to airplane mode.

Effects of skipping airplane mode: what could go wrong?

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Those who choose to disregard the requirement to activate airplane mode not only violate FAA regulations but are also likely to discover that most cell phone signals lack the strength to reach their devices while in flight. Attempting to connect to a cell tower in the air would likely drain the phone's battery rapidly. Both official tests by aviation authorities like the FAA and Boeing and unofficial experiments like those on Mythbusters have highlighted potential issues arising from conflicts between cell phones and airplane systems. Regardless of your stance on airplane mode, adhering to FAA guidelines is crucial to avoid jeopardizing the safety of pilots, passengers, and yourself.

A glimpse into the future: in-flight phone usage

There is a recent development in European airspace that has caught the attention of many travelers. Airlines such as Lufthansa, Aer Lingus, and SAS, among others, are set to introduce the use of 5G services in-flight, similar to on-ground usage. This feature is expected to launch in the summer of 2023, as per the European Commission. However, Americans may have to wait longer due to differences in the frequency of cell phone towers in the US compared to Europe. Despite this exciting development, it remains essential to follow FAA regulations, pilot instructions, and flight attendants' guidance. For now, activating airplane mode remains a necessary practice after boarding your flight. Your cooperation with airline guidelines is appreciated by pilots, air traffic controllers, and flight attendants. Use this opportunity to relax and enjoy your flight disconnected from the outside world. your gateway to effortless travel!

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Traveling worldwide shouldn't be something tiring – conversely, that's the time you can enjoy both the amazing landscapes of our Earth and joint activities with your loved ones. Nevertheless, things don't always go as planned, and we're at risk to face some challenges even at such an enjoyable moment. One such problem is actually airport parking, specifically its price. Let's have a look at the situation a bit closer.

If you used to get to the airport you're flying from by your own car, you probably know what we're talking about – the question of parking cost arises every time. You'll be definitely shocked – even though most US airports provide travelers with on-site parking, which allows them to leave their vehicles for their entire journey there, such a parking type is unfairly overpriced. Choosing this parking option, your next trip just might cost you a fortune. And that's not even considering it's complicated to find a free parking spot for your car. Since nobody wants to waste money and travel inconveniently, there begs the following question: is there actually any solution?

And we're happy to say – yes, there is one!

What is off-site parking and why is it worth choosing this option exactly?

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Forget about all the nightmares by choosing!

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