American Airlines Will Soon Open Flagship Lounges at John F. Kennedy International Airport

American Airlines Will Soon Open Flagship Lounges at John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK Airport 2021-06-14

Not long ago, it was announced that American Airlines would soon be opening Flagship Lounges for its customers. This news is another indication that the country is starting to come around after COVID-19.

The opening of such lounges will take place gradually throughout the country at major airports. For example, John F. Kennedy International Airport plans to open its doors as early as fall 2021. Also, those who use American Airlines will be happy to know that the company is also planning to launch Flagship First Dining locations.

Of course, before the pandemic, visits to these lounges were only available to those who purchased first-class tickets on long-haul flights as well as premium transcontinental flights. As a result, American Airlines members, who make up a small percentage of elite passengers, could be seen among those lounging in this lounge. However, you'll be happy to know that the airline is going to expand the list of those who will be allowed access to these lounges.

In 2020, American Airlines decided to close Flagship Lounges due to the pandemic. It was entirely unprofitable for the company to maintain these areas because the number of flights drastically dropped. Thus, all those who had previously used the services of this airline could no longer fly. However, the opening of business class lounges was an indication that things were getting back to the usual format.

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