5 Unique Art Hotels to Explore Across the United States

5 Unique Art Hotels to Explore Across the United States

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Are you someone who enjoys immersing yourself in your local art museum or exploring a city through its art scene? Have you ever pondered the possibility of spending the night surrounded by beautiful masterpieces? These hotels in the United States are completely dedicated to the arts. With features, such as in-house artists and extensive galleries, creatively decorated lobbies, and uniquely designed suites, these establishments will leave you feeling inspired. Experience the pinnacle of artistic expression by staying at one of these remarkable hotels in America!

Are these art hotels the ultimate way to stay? Let's find out together!

1. 21c Museum Hotel – Cincinnati, Ohio

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The 21c Museum Hotel group is committed to offering guests luxurious accommodations combined with extensive art collections. Each hotel boasts an on-site art gallery, featuring permanent contemporary art collections showcased in shared spaces, all centered around their distinctive yellow penguin emblem. While the Chicago and Louisville locations are both outstanding choices, the 21c Museum Hotel in Cincinnati presents a unique charm. Its original structure, the historic Metropole Hotel, adds an additional layer of fascination, particularly for those appreciative of turn-of-the-century architecture. Furthermore, the hotel's prime location caters to lovers of art and theater alike, as it's conveniently situated across from the Contemporary Art Museum and less than a block away from the Aronoff Center for the Arts.

2. The Vendue – Charleston, South Carolina

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The Vendue, a remarkable art hotel in Charleston, has been recognized as a nominee for the prestigious Conde Nast 2023 Readers Choice Award. This recognition comes as no surprise, considering its unique features and captivating atmosphere that appeal to visitors. Nestled within two historically significant buildings in Charleston, The Vendue offers guests the option to experience either a contemporary art ambiance or a more traditional, vintage feel. What truly sets The Vendue apart from other accommodations in the area are the thoughtful details provided. From their delightful breakfast pastries delivered right to your room, to the availability of complimentary bikes and daily art tours with complimentary wine, every little aspect has been carefully curated to enhance your stay. Moreover, The Vendue goes a step further in its dedication to the arts by hosting resident artists who continuously exhibit their work throughout the year, allowing guests the opportunity to witness their creative process. Additionally, history enthusiasts will be captivated by the building's rich past, dating back to the mid-1800s. Once you've explored the impressive collection of 200 original art pieces on display, make your way to the rooftop bar, where you can savor Charleston's signature cocktail, the Dragoon Punch.

3. La Posada – Santa Fe, New Mexico

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For those acquainted with Santa Fe, it's well-known that the adobe town brims with a thriving art scene. La Posada pays homage to Santa Fe's dynamic art community by honoring its rich history, deeply rooted in the town's earliest days. The hotel's premises and buildings form a captivating blend of the past, comprising an 1800s mansion and the remnants of a former inn, subsequently transformed into a summer arts school. Inside La Posada's gallery, visitors will find a collection of paintings and sculptures crafted by American artists, thoughtfully curated by the hotel's resident artist, Sara Eyestone, who is also a skilled painter. These remarkable works of art are available for purchase, serving as a perfect keepsake of a memorable journey. Following an exploration of the stunning artisan pieces, guests can retire to their beautifully furnished rooms, many of which boast a history spanning over two centuries, encompassing features, such as wood-burning kivas, adobe walls, and Southwestern decor.

4. The Battery – San Francisco, California

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The Battery is primarily committed to providing a luxurious experience for individuals who appreciate the finer things in life. With a total of 14 suites available, The Battery hotel strives to ensure that every guest feels exceptional. They offer unique amenities, such as a thoughtfully curated mini bar stocked with local snacks and Japanese soaking tubs in each room. One can select from a variety of suites including The Balcony, which presents stunning views of San Francisco's Financial District, or The Lounge, boasting 600 square feet of living space along with distinctive features like original brick walls and artwork. While staying at the hotel, guests are regarded as "Resident Members" and are granted full access to all club facilities, such as an impressive art collection, state-of-the-art spa, on-site dietitian, as well as a collection of beautiful meeting spaces, restaurants, and bars. The gallery continuously rotates different exhibitions showcasing art from various parts of the world. For those enticed by the extensive range of amenities offered by The Battery, it's possible to join the club and become a permanent member of their exclusive community.

5. The Old No. 77 – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Located in the heart of New Orleans, but still offering a sense of seclusion, The Old No. 77 is a unique blend of sophistication and vintage charm. This distinctive hotel has partnered with the local art collective Where Y'Art, specializing in showcasing the artwork of New Orleans' talented artists. The collective curates the galleries and in-house artwork, ensuring that each room is adorned with breathtaking paintings or installations created by members of the NOLA community.

Understanding that every traveler is different, The Old No. 77 offers a range of distinct rooms, such as The Wayfarer, designed to provide a peaceful night's sleep for those who enjoy nightlife by blocking out natural light. The Artist's Loft boasts carefully selected furniture and artwork to create a memorable and inspiring ambiance. On top of this, the hotel features an on-site restaurant and cafe, all overseen by a local chef, eliminating the need to leave the premises in order to savor the flavors of The Big Easy.

The Old No. 77 strikes the ideal balance, situated just the right distance away from the bustling French Quarter to ensure tranquility, yet close enough to immerse guests in the lively and energetic atmosphere of New Orleans.

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