Sicily in 48 Hours: A Whirlwind Weekend Guide

Sicily in 48 Hours: A Whirlwind Weekend Guide

Weekend 2023-11-27

Despites its close proximity to Rome via plane, Sicily stands apart with its unique characteristics. Similar to the Catalans in Spain and the Québécois in France, Sicilians hold a strong regional identity due to living on an island and speaking a dialect that even mainlanders struggle to understand. These significant differences make Sicily an ideal destination for adventurous travelers in search of a place that is believed to no longer exist. Where else can one ski down a volcano and enjoy a white-sand beach in a single day?

To begin your journey, the first decision you'll need to make is which airport to fly into. Palermo's Falcone Borsellino Airport makes the most sense for a trip of this duration, especially if you plan to spend all three days in the island's capital city.

Once you have arrived, it's advisable to avoid the taxis in the Arrivals area, as they are likely to overcharge you. Instead, consider taking the Trinacria Express train to the city center. It departs every 30 minutes and only costs € 5.80 as you travel to Palermo.


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First agenda: trying out the local cuisine that you've been admiring on Instagram, which is even more impressive than the filters can capture. While Vucciria is a popular food market, it has become a victim of its own success, attracting more tourists than locals. Opt for Ballarò instead, which is just as fulfilling and easier to navigate. It's conveniently located near the train station and offers a bustling atmosphere with fresh fish.

During your stay in Palermo, it's essential to try pani câ meusa, a street food consisting of soft, sesame-flavored bread filled with veal and ricotta. Make sure to buy it from a vendor on your way to the hotel and resist the temptation to have seconds. Take some time to relax and prepare yourself for an unexpected experience.

Sicily has a rich history, although not all of it's pleasant. One example is the Capuchin Catacombs, which houses the world's largest collection of mummies. It may sound eerie, but it's definitely worth the € 3,00 entrance fee to witness the intertwining of life, death, and faith in such a unique way.

Despite this slightly unsettling visit, Palermo's inherent allure will soon make you hungry again. For dinner, head to Ristorante Pizzeria 131, which may seem like a casual name but exudes a refined elegance that perfectly represents Sicily. While they have more than just pizza on the menu, indulge in the sfincione bagherese to savor the authentic flavors of the region.


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In spite of our love for sleeping in during vacations, this particular vacation is deserving of an early rise. Having already familiarized yourself with Palermo, it's time to venture beyond the city limits and discover the unique experience that Sicily has to offer: a blend of old-world charm, breathtaking views, and, of course, delectable seafood. Although the concept may appear outdated in this era of ridesharing, renting a car from Europcar remains the most efficient means of transportation.

Mondello, situated just a 10-minute drive along the coastline, presents its white-sand beaches that are so captivating they would be worth visiting even if they were located on the opposite side of the island. At L'angolo di Mondello, indulge in a delightful lunch featuring their renowned sardine meatballs (which are not as intimidating as they may sound!) and mussel soup. There's nothing quite like leisurely lounging after a satisfying meal in Sicily, savoring a glass of wine. However, be mindful not to linger for too long – Corleone is beckoning.

The name Corleone may ring a bell, as it's nestled among the mountains an hour south. This quaint town holds an ancestral connection to one of Sicily's infamous mafia families. Fear not, though, as Corleone, with its population of less than 12,000, also boasts the intriguing Mafia and Anti-Mafia Museum. This museum doesn't require one to be a fan of "The Godfather" or "Goodfellas" to appreciate. What sets it apart is that all the guides are locals who share their personal experiences and insights with visitors, providing a genuine understanding of the Mafia.

After gaining knowledge that goes beyond what even the finest Martin Scorsese film could teach, savor a delicious meal amidst the starlit sky at Gennaro, before embarking on a scenic drive back to your hotel.


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The final day of a trip always poses a dilemma: should one exhaust themselves by completing a checklist or begin mentally preparing for the journey home? In Sicily, it's advisable to choose the latter, considering the logistical challenges of checking out of the hotel and catching a flight.

However, there is no need to feel too disheartened, as there are still ample gastronomic delights to be savored. One delicacy not to be missed is the arancina bomba, a deep-fried rice ball filled with various savory ingredients substantial enough to serve as a meal on its own.

Although you may not feel hungry for quite some time after consuming this treat, those with a fondness for sweets will regret not indulging in cassata. This delectable dessert consists of a sponge cake infused with fruit juice and/or liqueur, layered with candied fruit and ricotta.

No one relishes the inevitable journey to the airport at the conclusion of a vacation; however, at least you can console yourself with the knowledge that you will be concluding your trip on a delectable and memorable note.

Where to stay

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The Massimo Plaza Hotel stands out among centrally located hotels. Positioned just steps away from the Teatro Massimo opera house, it also offers the convenience of a brief 10-minute walk to the renowned Palermo Cathedral. This magnificent cathedral, much like Sicily, truly lives up to its outstanding reputation.

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