Are You Aware of National Park Etiquette? Tips to Navigate Nature Responsibly

Are You Aware of National Park Etiquette? Tips to Navigate Nature Responsibly

Travel Rules 2023-11-27

America's national parks provide a rich variety of wildlife, an extensive system of forested hiking trails, and opportunities to admire breathtaking views of majestic peaks. These parks are a natural haven for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy activities, such as scaling summits, indulging in picnics amidst alpine meadows, and camping out under the starlit sky. It's essential for all visitors to recognize their role in preserving the pristine condition of America's 61 national parks. By adhering to both the explicit and unspoken guidelines of the Great Outdoors, individuals can learn how to foster land stewardship and safely immerse themselves in the nation's awe-inspiring wilderness. So let's not waste time anymore and get to the point together!

Below are the guidelines that outdoor adventurers should be aware of!

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1. Share the trails

Hiking trails are frequented by more than just hikers. Mountain bikers, trail runners, horses, and mules also use these pathways in national parks. Regardless of your mode of transportation, it's important to understand the right of way and pay attention to signs that direct different groups. Typically, hikers ascending the trail have the right of way. If you are heading downhill, it's courteous to move aside and allow uphill travelers to pass. Bicyclists are requested to yield to hikers and horses and should avoid veering too far off the trail to prevent damaging local vegetation. Additionally, hikers should give way to horses and mules by stepping to the side of the trail. If you are unsure of these rules, it's always considerate to politely announce yourself when approaching others. A friendly greeting, such as "hello!" or "on your right" will signal your presence and help prevent any accidents.

2. Keep it down

In order to enhance your hiking experience, it's suggested that you refrain from playing music on your phone and instead immerse yourself in the natural sounds of the environment. By minimizing the use of electronic devices, you allow fellow hikers and wildlife to fully enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors. Many animals rely on sounds to care for their young and defend their territory, so the loud beats of popular music can disrupt their natural communication. Additionally, making video calls on your phone while reaching the summit can disturb the peaceful atmosphere for other outdoor enthusiasts and may attract unwanted attention. If necessary, consider bringing headphones to listen to music and let nature take its course.

3. Forget face time with the animals

Source: Niklas Tidbury/Unsplash

The rise in popularity of social media platforms has led to a surge in wildlife selfies, flooding Facebook and Instagram with pictures of people posing alongside and even feeding wild animals. However, it's crucial to recognize that animals are inherently territorial and possess strong instincts that lead them to react when humans come too close. The presence of people can cause stress for wildlife, and repeated interactions can permanently change their natural behavior patterns.

While the wildlife in national parks is undoubtedly fascinating, it's of utmost importance for visitors to show respect by observing from a safe distance. Taking selfies with your back turned to a bison in Yellowstone National Park and sharing them on social media for reasons unrelated to conservation can give the impression that these animals are safe and approachable, potentially encouraging others to engage in similar behavior.

4. Choose local firewood

Enjoying s'mores and warm cups of hot cocoa by a comforting campfire is a quintessential part of the traditional camping experience. However, when entering a national park campsite, rangers often inquire about the origin of the firewood brought along and kindly advise visitors to utilize the wood provided onsite. This precaution is taken because trees are frequently logged in such sites due to disease or damage. Consequently, the firewood sourced from these trees might inadvertently contain invasive species, capable of wreaking havoc on the campsite and targeting areas of fragile forest growth. By purchasing heat treated firewood that has been locally sourced and certified, you contribute to the control and limitation of foreign pests being transported.

Moreover, it's imperative to check for any fire restrictions upon entering the park. While most parks have well-posted signs indicating fire bans, it's always advisable to review the park's website beforehand, particularly during the dry season, to prevent the unintentional ignition of an open flame.

5. Practice zero waste and safe food storage

Experienced outdoors enthusiasts are aware of the importance of storing their food in a secure location, such as their RV, car trunk, or on-site storage locker to prevent wildlife from becoming attracted to it. This is because many animals identify food by its scent, so leaving toiletries and coolers on the picnic table or in your tent can potentially endanger both yourself and the animals, as they may start rummaging through your belongings.

Studies suggest that black bears can detect food from distances of up to 20 miles, relying on their heightened sense of smell for survival. If bears consume human food, it will likely encourage them to return to the same area repeatedly, gradually losing their fear of humans over time.

To ensure a safe and clean environment at national parks, it's advisable to practice proper picnic areas and campsite etiquette. This involves removing all items brought in and securing any food or strongly scented items in safe locations.

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