Insider Tips from a Flight Attendant for Holiday Trips

Insider Tips from a Flight Attendant for Holiday Trips

Holidays 2023-12-08

According to the TSA, the holiday season is the most hectic period for air travel, with the Sunday after Thanksgiving consistently being the busiest travel day in recent years. Airlines are already preparing for the increase in passengers, which is projected to continue until the end of the year. To ensure your holiday travels are smooth and easy, here are the top tips shared by Linzey, the Discoverer's flight attendant friend. With thousands of people heading to the airport in the upcoming weeks, it's essential to follow these recommendations. Let's get to the point!

So what advice does Linzey give to all the travelers who are flying during the holiday season?

What's a common mistake you observe flyers committing during the holiday season?

"Failing to allocate sufficient time for yourself is a common mistake. This could involve arriving at the airport earlier than your usual routine due to the increased number of travelers, or even allowing an extra day for travel in case flights get disrupted by winter weather. Personally, I dislike spending extra time at the airport and usually arrive just before boarding begins. However, during the holiday season, everything tends to take longer, so it's best to arrive earlier than usual."

What steps do you take to get ready for traveling by air during the holidays?

"Remaining adaptable! Allowing myself additional travel days in case of disruptions or cancellations, including an extra set of clothes (and my own snacks since airport prices are steep) in my cabin baggage in case I find myself unexpectedly overnighting at an airport, and maintaining a positive mindset when such situations unavoidably arise as I had made preparations for them."

Do you have any advice for maintaining good health while traveling during the holiday sick season?

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"Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Remember to bring your own reusable water bottle and fill it up at the airport, just after going through security. In addition to your regular vitamins, consider taking Emergen-C on travel days. It's important to wash your hands regularly, so bring along a hand sanitizer or wipes. If you prefer, you can also wear a mask for added protection. Most importantly, if you're feeling unwell, it's best to stay at home and rest."

What is one thing you would like flyers to be aware of about flight crew during this hectic period?

"In the process of boarding and deplaning, the majority of airlines do not compensate their flight crew, which includes pilots and flight attendants. Therefore, we kindly ask for your understanding. Rest assured, we share the same desire for you to reach your destination smoothly. However, factors like weather conditions and mechanical problems are beyond our control. So, we kindly request your patience if we cannot provide you with extensive information."

Do you have any final suggestions or strategies for making holiday travel more convenient?

"For those who are traveling with children, it's recommended that if there are two adults with an infant, one of the adults should pre-board with all the luggage, car seat, and other belongings, while the other adult stays with the baby and boards the plane last. This way, the baby doesn't have to remain seated for an additional 30-40 minutes." your smooth takeoff to airport parking!

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