5 Essential Travel Tips Recommended by Sleep Specialists

5 Essential Travel Tips Recommended by Sleep Specialists

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Going on a vacation may appear to be a relaxing experience, but the journey to and from your destination can disrupt your sleep patterns and make it difficult to maintain a healthy sleep schedule. According to Seema Bonney, the founder and medical director of the Anti-Aging & Longevity Center of Philadelphia, traveling, especially across different time zones, can disturb your circadian rhythm, which is the natural internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle every 24 hours. When this rhythm is disturbed, it can have a significant impact on your ability to sleep properly.

Fortunately, there are simple techniques recommended by sleep experts that can help you achieve a good night's sleep while on the move. Below, you'll see their personal strategies that they rely on. Let's not waste time anymore and take a closer look at each one together!

Can these travel tips improve your sleep on the go? Let's see!

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1. Maintain your regular sleep routine

If you're only going to be away for a few days, it's advisable to maintain your usual sleep and wake schedule. This will prevent your body from having to adjust to a completely different sleep routine when you return home.

According to experts, following our own personal sleep-wake cycle promotes consistent and rejuvenating sleep.

2. Take advantage of sleep-inducing music to help you relax

It's important to get proper rest when traveling, especially on long journeys. However, whether you're on the road, taking a train, or flying in a plane, it can be challenging to fall asleep due to the constant background noise.

To address this issue, Po-Chang Hsu, a physician and medical content expert at SleepingOcean, suggests listening to soothing music, such as nature sounds or meditation rhythms. Some individuals find ASMR videos helpful, as they involve soft whispers or gentle voices. By immersing oneself in these calming sounds, travelers can relax, shift their focus away from their noisy surroundings, and easily drift off into sleep.

3. Participate in physical activities

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While you may be considering relaxing by the pool or treating yourself to a spa day, it's also recommended to plan for some physical activity during your trip. This is essential for ensuring a good night's sleep, according to experts. Engaging in exercise helps to stabilize your mood and allows you to unwind, which is crucial for transitioning into sleep. However, it's important to be mindful of exercising too close to bedtime as it can increase your core body temperature and release endorphins, both of which may affect your ability to feel sleepy.

4. Make sure to spend time in well-lit areas regularly

If you will be in a different time zone for an extended period of time, exposing yourself to light can help adjust your body's natural sleep-wake cycle according to the local time. Hsu recommends getting plenty of daylight in the morning and afternoon. By managing your light exposure, you can effectively modify your sleep schedule to fit your destination's time zone.

5. Create a cozy sleeping environment while you're away from home

The sleeping conditions during your vacation will likely be different from what you're used to at home. Therefore, it's important to make the necessary adjustments to ensure a comfortable and restful sleep. This could involve bringing along your favorite pillow or making adjustments to the room temperature to match your preferences when sleeping.

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