Menorca, Spain: A Mediterranean Getaway to Reserve Now for the Spring Season

Menorca, Spain: A Mediterranean Getaway to Reserve Now for the Spring Season

Vacations 2024-01-05

In Lindos, a town in Rhodes, Greece, there is a sign on the cash machine that states "The ATM will be unavailable until April." This is a common sight in many Mediterranean locations during the off-season, as the locals appreciate the return to a peaceful and normal atmosphere. Despite this, the region is exceptionally beautiful during spring, offering a balance between the quietness of winter and the crowds of summer tourists, which drive up accommodation prices. The weather is warm enough to relax on a sun lounger with a book, yet pleasant for those who wish to explore the sights without breaking a sweat. If you're interested, here's an exciting Mediterranean trip you should consider booking for the spring. Let's get to the point together!

What's special about Menorca, Spain?

Source: Nienke Burgers/Unsplash

The Balearic islands of Spain are extremely popular during the summer as a relaxing destination, but in the spring they attract hikers and tourists. Menorca, being the second largest island in the chain, is particularly appealing to food lovers. Its capital, Mahon, is known for being the birthplace of mayonnaise and for producing Xoriguer gin for over two hundred years. Inland, you can visit dairy farms where you'll learn traditional cheese-making methods. In the old port of Ciutadella, you'll find a multitude of ice cream parlors alongside numerous historical sites. Menorca's natural beauty also draws visitors in. As you hike between Spanish coves known as "calas," you can enjoy the scent of pine forests. By late spring, you can take a refreshing swim in the island's stunning turquoise bays. If the water is still too cold, consider taking a boat trip instead. As the evening sets in, dress your best and watch the sunset over the water from a fashionable cliff-side table at Cova d'en Xoroi.

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