Discover the Newest UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Our Top 3 Picks

Discover the Newest UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Our Top 3 Picks

UNESCO World Heritage Sites 2024-01-22

The World Heritage List by UNESCO comprises a collection of culturally important and visually stunning landmarks from around the globe. This endeavor to preserve such sites started in 1972 and has grown to encompass areas in nearly 170 countries that have been recognized for their exceptional value.

In 2023, UNESCO expanded this esteemed list by adding 42 new sites, which encompass ancient stone monuments, acclaimed scientific institutions, and mesmerizing natural wonders. While all these additions hold immense significance, we have chosen a few that particularly stand out. Below are 3 recently designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites that have piqued our interest. Join us in uncovering their wonders side by side!

So what should we pay attention to when selecting the newest UNESCO World Heritage Sites to explore?

1. Andrefana Dry Forests – Madagascar

Source: Graphic Node/Unsplash

The Andrefana Dry Forests were initially recognized as a World Heritage site in 1990, but their boundaries were significantly expanded in 2023. Comprising six protected areas in western Madagascar, this entry showcases the exceptional biodiversity and unique landscape of the island country off the coast of Africa.

The notable feature of these forests are the towering limestone peaks, resembling needle-like formations, that create a breathtaking panorama stretching as far as the eye can see. Additionally, there is an abundance of vibrant vegetation, including the endemic baobab tree with its unusually wide trunk. Within the Andrefana Dry Forests, one can find a specific lemur species and a lineage of birds called Mesitornithiformes, which have existed for a remarkable 54 million years.

2. Eisinga Planetarium – Netherlands

Source: Google Search

Constructed from 1774 to 1781, the Eisinga Planetarium was not the product of a wealthy scientific institution, but rather the work of an ordinary citizen named Eise Eisinga. Eisinga, who had a deep fascination for astronomy, built an astonishing functional planetarium on the ceiling and wall of his living room in Franeker, Netherlands. Today, it holds the distinction of being recognized as the oldest continuously operating planetarium in existence.

Eisinga's working model accurately depicts the ever-changing positions of the sun, moon, Earth, and the five known planets of the late 18th century. It's truly remarkable that during that era, Eisinga was able to construct such a complex scientific device; even more impressive is the fact that it remains operational to this day. Its continued functionality can be attributed, in large part, to the meticulous maintenance instructions that Eisinga left behind, which its caretakers rigorously follow.

3. Viking-Age Ring Fortresses – Denmark

Source: Google Search

The Viking-Age Ring Fortresses in Denmark, constructed towards the end of the 10th century CE, are a series of five locations. Originally serving as defensive strongholds and possibly training grounds for Viking warriors, these fortresses were designed in distinctive circular shapes surrounded by concentric ditches, with roads extending in all four cardinal directions. Aggersborg, the largest of the five, boasts an internal diameter of nearly 800 feet.

These fortresses stand out for their unique geometric layout, making them some of the most specifically designed fortifications worldwide. Unlike many other Viking fortresses that have succumbed to urbanization and rural development, these structures have been closely preserved for over a thousand years. They have provided valuable insights into the history and culture of the Viking era to researchers.

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