3 Intriguing Small Museums in Europe

3 Intriguing Small Museums in Europe

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Europe is home to some of the most renowned museums in the world, like the Louvre, Prado, and British Museum. However, it also boasts numerous small museums that often go unnoticed. These lesser-known establishments offer fascinating insights into niche subjects, such as counterfeiting, neon signs, and other unconventional themes. If you're looking for an offbeat and unique experience, join us as we explore 3 of Europe's most intriguing little museums. Let's get to it!

Which small European museums should you give extra attention to next time?

1. Museum of Counterfeiting – Paris, France

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Located on the outskirts of downtown Paris, Musée de la Contrefaçon is a gallery consisting of six rooms that is dedicated to recounting the history of counterfeiting. This museum, which opened its doors in 1972, currently exhibits more than 500 counterfeit items. Approximately half of these items were donated, while the other half were confiscated by various governmental institutions. Interestingly, the museum is situated in the same building as the official Parisian storage facility for legally seized counterfeits, resulting in a continuous influx of new additions to the collection.

The Musée de la Contrefaçon uniquely presents each counterfeit item alongside its authentic counterpart, providing visitors with the opportunity to observe and compare the differences, or sometimes the similarities, between the two. Notable highlights of the exhibition include fake Swiss Army Knives, bronze statues allegedly crafted by renowned sculptor Auguste Rodin, and imitation Chanel gloves. In addition, the museum features a rotating display showcasing a selected "forged object of the month," offering an element of surprise for those who visit.

2. Disgusting Food Museum – Malmö, Sweden

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The Disgusting Food Museum in Sweden is more intriguing than it's appetizing. This peculiar assortment of malodorous and truly repulsive culinary delicacies is situated in the city of Malmö. Among the items on display are local fermented herring known as surströmming, casu marzu – a cheese infested with maggots from the island of Sardinia, and a potent fruit from southeast Asia called durian.

If you are brave enough, you can even experience the smell and taste of some of the foods on exhibit. However, it should be noted that these dishes are certainly not for everyone. Nevertheless, the museum encourages visitors to approach with an open mind and palate, and reconsider their perceptions of what constitutes disgusting food. Who knows, you may even discover a newfound appreciation for a dish you would've never tried otherwise.

3. Aldaris Beer Museum – Riga, Latvia

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The Aldaris Beer Museum, the first of its kind in Latvia, can be found in a historic brewery that was established in 1865. Spanning three floors, the museum's main attraction is the legendary brewing hall which has remained untouched since 1938. Following an extensive restoration project, the museum opened its doors in 2015, aiming to preserve Latvia's rich brewing heritage.

Visitors who appreciate beer are encouraged to join the tour and witness the extremely rare copper beer kegs used in brewing, along with other intricate piping and equipment. With numerous exhibits, the museum showcases the 55 main varieties of beer from around the world, and guests are even welcome to sample some of the beers. Conveniently located adjacent to a working brewery, visitors are urged to grab some local craft beers as a perfect ending to their visit.

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